Heat Map

Still wish for battle logs but this is ok

One suggestion is to have the map tell you how many attacks it is showing. 

Other is to have the enemy deaths tab show all of the attacks instead of the most recent one

Alot of detail can be added to the heat map, if we cannot simply get battle replays :-

  • Types of troops that died (warriors/minotaurs/hydras etc)

  • Heroes that were used.

  • Rather than giving a generic view of most dangerous choke points on map, it can show us the deaths / ressurects in fight 1, fight 2, fight 3 etc.

We would like to see on our heat maps what troops are being used by enemies so we can counter it accordingly. Like I said earlier, this game is heavily in favor of attackers. What is the point of showing attackers a blueprint of a base they are going to attack in advance but defenders have no idea what hit them ?

Other games I played even had playbacks of ur defence so that players can analyzed where and how to improve their defence. E.g. Clash of clans.