Heavily reduced trophies for 96%-99% raids

Let’s say an opponent is worth 6 trophies. You attack and ignore the 4x castle gate towers (because who cares about those things), and instead of getting 5 trophies for 96% completion you get 2-3 trophies instead (33%-50% trophy completion value???).

I’m not sure what world that makes sense in; you defeated 96% of their base, shouldn’t you receive 96% of the maximum trophies (rounded down to 5 in this case)?

We shouldn’t be required to use Sonic Blast or Hammerstrike just to remove those towers. And don’t even need to mention fire dragon that burns down castle gate before the towers no matter what. This castle gate tower strategy has become trite.

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According to @FTB they are working on it. I leave in the middle what they come up with as a fix. 

Yeah I had the problem too while trying to reach higher ninja tiers…it seems that the number of undestroyed towers = number of cups removed from the total possible cups possible…

a total ripoff considering that failing one raid at 25% makes you loose 20 cups if you dont use match maker or 40 if you use match maker…

the ninja tiers evolution is the greatest thing that flare did lately but working on the lost cups would be even greater ?


yeah surely for 4.0 update

This is because when you complete 0% (aka “you fail”), you don’t get 0 trophies, but likely something around -60. So the range is 6 trophies for 100% to -60 for 0%. You can do the math yourself, for 96% you’ll get (rounded) 3 trophies.

Now what discussable is: why have the range to be so much disadvantageous for the attacker?

Naahhh… Release 5.0

Around Christmas we get release 4 (Let’s hope I am wrong? and we see that release somewhat faster)

for now its sad but you seem right. We just got 3.9.2. Will take like 2 month for 3.9.3 or 4.0. If its by miracle the 4.0 come maybe around July. I don’t think we will see any update after for at least 3 month. So I expect maybe be in version 4.1.0 around Christmas 2018. The version 5.0 if they continue at the same speed probably around August 2019. So if they plan to add stuffs we have ask only in 5.0 we will wait for a long long long long time at the end of 2019. Hope I have wrong and they decide before that to do like before 1 update each month or in worst case each 2 month. If not RR2 will not survive longer if update arrive each 3 month-4 month. players at least veteran need stuffs to stay in game

to be more precise. I have check 3.8 have come in November 2017. 3.9 have arrive in March 2018. 4 Month between with some minor update between who contain some fix but no add. If we go in the same time period logic. Version 4.0 should arrive around July 17th 2018. If Flare continue is 4 month update time and 2 month for bugs fix. We will see 4.1.0 in September 2018 for bugs fix. We will probably update 4.5.0 in November 22th 2018. March 18th version 4.6.0. May 2019 a bug fix with 4.6.1 and July 25th for 5.0. So if Flare keep the 4 month for big update and 2 month for bug fix. 4.0 should arrive in July 2018 and 5.0 in July 2019 and so on… Hope i have wrong and update will arrive more often than this

4 years ago update was close each month. After 2 years each 2 month. 4 years each 4 month. After 6 years 6 month and so on…so if a cycle of 4 month still all veterans will leave soon… no enough update. I don’t expect to see RR2 have a 5.0. veterans will leave all before reach that time. Hope I have wrong

PS : So in theory to fix bugs Flare need 6 month. So if there is major bugs or others bugs they will fix in 6 month. so we have now 3.9.2 the next bugs fix will arrive September 2018. Not great when you think about it.So everyone must be patient and keep a bugged game until September 2018 who probably will contain again only 3 bugs fix. So old bugs can still there so you will be forced to wait around March 2019 to have others bug fix but again only 3 bugs fix. You see that have no sense how they fix bugs and give us update. At this speed all the bugs will be fix in 2020


Just to clarify, here, I said that we are REBALANCING THE POWER of the WHOLE defense, so the offense is not overpowered anymore.

A consequence of this future change would be that players might use more towers at the start of their defense to stop players from even reaching the gate, instead of now trying to put all the towers near the gate because the offense is overpowered.

My statement in the other tread has no connection to what is discussed in this tread.

Rebalancing against what? There are so many powerful combinations, that every defense has some weakness against some combinations. I can’t see how you rebalance towers/defensive structures against all possible combinations. We are copy cats, so if one player finds a way to beat most defenses, everyone will use that combo. 

And to make some defenses unbeatable, will also be boring. but I will patiently wait what you come up with. Please hold reckon with the fact that not everyone has forged everything to the max. It must not be that a player from alliance level 80 can beat my base with ease (what happens now sometimes) and that I have extreme difficulties beating his base, because everything is boosted to the max. 

So boosting everything should not be the main solution. Not every team is level 80 plus can afford to keep every boost active. You can also overbalance it, it should work for any kind of player plus team. 

An easy way to get rid of gate towers. Say that for example that during war season a tower placed on gate area gives the raider 3-5 additional skulls for taking it down. Then the problem resolves itself pretty fast. Everyone who is aware of that, will place those towers elsewhere. Then it’s no advantage for the defender any longer, in fact it’s a risk. You still can place it there and hope the tower survives. But when it goes down, it’s costly.

A lot of players will get rid of those towers placed there by doing so.

Ah, that sounds great! That surely is a good way to make castle gates less useful for strong bases!