Hebrew language

Please add Hebrew to the chat.

I know there aren’t many israeli ppl playing but it will be very appriciated.

Thanks in advance.

Screw isreal …it’s because they don’t approve these gangs 

It’s Israel , not isreal. And if you are not from flaregames shut up please and let them answer. Thanks

Whatever it is I don’t care even my keyboard doesn’t approve it XD …this is public suggestion if you don’t want anyone to reply then don’t post anything !!! Or make it private if you can 

Idc if someone replay but I do care when u shit talk my country

And I do care when someone call gangs who kill and conquer other people country 

Guys ,you’re going very off-topic right there, also discussing like that is something you can only do on private messages.

If you keep that conversation going, I’ll have to close this topic.