Helen of Troy ... Again

I know this is a vexed subject and an age old question, but what is the best way to play a level 10 Helen of Troy? I’m using Talos level 3 and Warriors and Archers level 6 and 7. 

The best way is to play a level 11 Helen of Troy!

Serious answer, and this goes for all heroes you’re having trouble with, is to level up their unique power. She has one of the best spells in the game, it’s very disruptive and ruins carefully timed defenses, but you have to level it up. The powers get much much better as you start to level them up.

Helen is one of my favorite heroes, but she gets a lot better when you buy her gem slots for units and powers. Remember, she has a natural cooldown bonus. Take advantage of that. I find that min/maxing heroes is much more effective than trying to do a little bit of everything.

Thanks, Dumpster!

Decided to continue it here.

Personally I did not get good gear for her at her early stage, and found it difficult to level her up. Later on she got so much behind compared to the other heroes, that it was a pain in the ***** to start caring for her…She might be one of the the most underestimated heroes (along with Prometheus), it is a struggle for me to play her. Especially in odessy…

So, for now, she will remain in the retirement home for me, maybe, when i have nothing else to do, I will start building her up…

Good advices on “how to” however are always welcome though…maybe I’m not the only one who has to be convinced like You are @dumpster.??


It’s the same advice as above. If you haven’t levelled up her spell and forged a high quality set of equipment for her, you’re going to struggle, but that’s the same for every hero. You can get very high cooldown for her easier than any other hero because she comes out of the box with 15%, so get her some good gear and blast away. She has 3 spell slots (plus her unique), which gives you the flexiblity to do a lot, and 3 units is plenty, especially since she steals what you don’t bring with you. 

BUT…if the data shows that she is so underused, by all means it’s time to buff her up a little! ?


I actually used her rarely despite somehow getting her to lvl20, I just didn’t like her style, but recently I’ve returned more knowledgeable and she is one of the best heroes with a half decent cooldown 55% + and a good lvl pheme, she can complete most bases. For end game you’ll need her unique Gemini boots (which I dont have ;( - If I did she’d be 3rd war hero).  Her power reaches on to the opposite path for those tricky L shaped paths too, which is handy… and more importantly the AI isn’t bad when using auto, so her and Cadmus are the best heroes to develop for pure auto play.

Helen doesn’t need any boost (She is already too overpowered)but heroes like jason, Prometheus and Ajax are in dire need of boost especially against nyxs towers.

I’d say her unique is very optional. Putting cd on regular boots and one other item gets you the same amount at 5* silver. And cd is a common perk. Very easy and predictable. 

Id also say that Ariadne is every bit as good an AP hero, probably better. Helen can get herself into binds on pure ap if a wave uncharms itself behind you. Ariadne’s a wagon. 

So I refine my own boots for +7% cooldown vs gemini boots +15% minimum…small % makes a big difference at the top.   I’ve seen some first generation unique boots that are off the scale for Cd , but I guess you wouldn’t want that secret to get brought up…

Dude do you just stop reading halfway through? I said refine two items and you get the same utility as the unique for the cost of some gold, wisdom and a week or so of forging. Boots and shield BAM there’s your 15% cd.  

And what happened to you not posting? Give everyone a break from the hostility and non stop negativity. Be the change you want to see. 

I personally don’t like Helen at all. Her power rarely helps me and only creates a bigger army for the person I’m playing against. At times she can be useful, but those times don’t come often

She is strong but at higher level. She is way powerful than Hercules and other heroes.

Just get her cool down bonus around 70% or above and she will rock.


P.S. I have been using Helen as my war hero for almost two months and she fight level 131 bases while I am only at Ascension level 117.

Helen is good.

Yes, I could refine 2 items and still not reach the lvls of the boots from the 1st gen, some have 20%+ cd on a single slot. If I refine other item then I weaken another perk that might be useful. There’s no getting around it, a unique with a perk that is 2-3 x more powerful is a huge benefit, and cost to reforge is cheap, a lot cheaper than having a pair of Chinese gemini boots that cost a lot of res to make and arent half as good.  But you talk  good game to most people that don’t know better you appear plausible.

Holydivine has 70%cd on helen. Does he have buggy equipment too?

No he has the boots that I was talking about…not the uber powerful 1st gen, the standard gemini boots

Careful, or you’ll end up with 4 copies of them soon. They can hear you.

I’d take one…but to be honest I’ve lost a lot of interest in chasing uniques, I’ve seen a member of my alliance get 4 Achilles shields in a short space of time, in fact today he cursed an Achilles shield and got back an Achilles shield, after 1k gems! Shame on you FG.   I have about 10 titan chests to open, but really couldn’t care less. FG have treated the new generation of players with so much disrespect in relation to all these advantages you’ve been given.  I’ll play the wars, I’ll do an auto oddesy. Never again paying for gems after the bugged gear scandal.

Then there’s the trophy system where I cant fight or all my heroes will return to Olympus in a few hours…so actually I can’t do anything thanks to FG! 

I started playing another game recently that’s taken my free time, so hadn’t posted much here last 2 weeks, but you probably noticed that. 

Guys, please stay on topic or I have to lock the thread. Thank you!