Helen of Troy

Thought I’d bring the subject of Helen up again.

Helen is simply to strong in my opinion. Helens Beauty has over an 80% conversation rate with me now. I use her over Achilles, Cadmus, Jason, etc. She is clearly dominant over all other heroes by a long shot (haven’t unlocked Athena, so don’t know about her)

you don’t even need legendary gear with her, just get some basic cool down gear and your good to go

she is the reason why I’m able to take out level 95-100 with relative ease

doesnt matter what or how many troops your defending with - usually the more troops you have defending the quicker you’ll get taken down

i don’t like saying it as it will make attacking much more difficult for me but I think she needs to be nerfed

i would like to see the conversion rate go no higher than 50% (maybe 60%) at max level. 50 is still a great number and will still make her useful. 80+% is just to high. Also maybe add 2-3 seconds on Cooldown 

what do you guys think? 

Eh, nerf, dont nerf, but atm Helen goes through bases like a hot knife through butter.

not sure what I am doing wrong… but Helen is my worst hero.  I still win every time I use her… I just cant do auto with her like I can with others.

Yep shes definitely that safety net when atking higher lvl opponents… as much as it pains me to say, i do think she does need to be nerfed a little… though i see this deterring players from atking higher lvl opponents due to the risk of a heavy trophy loss… this should not be the case, u should be promoting ppl to fight… i think setting a cap of -3 trophies for a loss regardless of whether u make the gate or not, a suitable solution (-6 if u dont make siege)… another positive i see coming out of this is more of a reward for having a good defensive setup with helen now not being able to take a leisurely stroll through ur defense. Anyway just my thoughts, sure there a people who disagree :slight_smile:


my helen even have all gold equipments, sometimes cant beat enemy!

Well guess Flare listen to your complainings and nerf Helen :slight_smile:


Why the Hell you peps are complaining on things that work one way or the other  and don’t complain on things that realy matters like lack of content, trophy balance, defence balance, the thing that this game doesn’t encourage players to lvl up coz there is no realy reward there etc.  



why dont you try to bring that to their minds, i already gave it up!! good luck!!

Ur kidding arent u? Look at previous posts from people on this thread about how to help improve this game… this was probably at the ass end on the list of fixes (mind u this was only a suggestion, most of which go unnoticed). This update was all about the gems for decorations plain and simple. Ur atking the wrong ppl here mate

Thanks detri, now we are back at the beginning…never attack a player with boosts.

Same thoughts LOL


Hey guys,

Please don’t blame individual players (such as Detri) for giving constructive feedback on game balance, especially when they point out that something in the game is too strong.

Helen was indeed way too overpowered. We knew this and had already planned to nerf her way before this thread was created. That’s why she is now a bit harder to play and you shouldn’t be able to rely on autoplay 100% of the time when using her. She was often able to cheese through even the hardest defenses which made players feel that their defense was basically worthless.

We always value our players’ opinions, especially when you can justify them in a constructive and analytical way. Please keep the feedback coming, we are reading every single one of your posts.

Umm…Ive never actually used autoplay, but she still razors through bases:)


Hello, I have only been playing 2 months, but I cannot understand how you like her. I have been leveling my heroes, but I really do not like her power. I prefer a lot more Ariadne for example.

Using Helen means having to face an enemy wave AND the charmed enemies when her power fades… It makes a big difficult combat. There is also the seconds you loose when those charmed units attack you again and have to go back to kill them.

Cripple her if you want, I will anyways normally do not use her.

Have u opened the extra spell slot and equiped her with a decent gear?

Use her skill to charm enemys, the next enemy wave use pandoras box this will kill both the charmed and the new wave.


By increasing her cooldowns you need good cooldown gear (depending on your enemys guardshouse level), which must be bought by gems?

My helen is lvl 18 and i never found a purple/gold necklace…maybe with luck its possible.

I have not yet bought gems, but with all heroes, if you open all power slots, they will be stronger. Also if you equip them better.

The charm/pandora combo might be good. I will try it when I decide to level her up again. Now I am raising Hercules to do the Hydra Islands, then I need Prometeus for the Griffons.