Hellfire cup, challenge XIII any one pass it??????

Can someone show how the hell you pass the last challenge in pro ?? How to pass this skull tower at the start with bladestorm and fire???  What’s the idie of boosted knights vs boosted Vikings??? 


This was a preposterous Pro League. I’m not sure how they expect you to do anything without any healing power. 10 Monks for 12 rounds ain’t gonna cut it

Monks Healing is also not that helpful in pro league.

It is all relatives after all.  What was tough for is tough for all.   I though I screwed up but still got around rank 240 since all others struggled.  ?

Yeah, I got around 280, got 838 lions overall

Not good to fail on open bases :stuck_out_tongue:

LOLOLOLOLOL. You saw that :slightly_frowning_face: . I must confess, I was actually trying, but that second battle was awful

No problem i know you just got your account back and you need to upgrade lots of stuff.  I was just pulling your leg ?

I should’ve known better though lol, NEVER EVER EVER attack a base that shows more than 10 medals for a victory :wink:

10?  I think it should be 34 atleast 

sorry, meant Trophies

I’m used to playing Star Wars: Commander, and the trophy count was actually medals, so I’m used to saying that

So, how to destroy this skull tower at the start? 

I think has to be done via the hero only or a viking knockback, gotta take down the FB before spawning vikings, had just 15s to do stage 12 :slightly_frowning_face: