Hellfire Cup Reward Tiers

1710 for top rewards in this Pro League? Can you guys please test out the Pro League before you release it to us so you can adjust the reward tiers to be fair.

Yes, I felt I wasted a ticket on it. Pretty pathetic setup. Do not see how anyone will score 1700 …lol

Exactly Top one guy has 1400 score and everyone else have 1300+ but the tiers have a different story… ?

I scored slightly over 1k and I’m ranked 200th. I know the league just started but that’s not a score that’d rank as high in any other league.

I wonder if they made it deliberately impossible this time or did they swap monks with vikings by accident.

Another reason why I’m still opposed to pro tiers.

yeah sometime the given setup is ridiculous, i want to buy more ticket to improve my monthly ranking too but with cheaters still around and low crys income like this make me feel very unmotivated

The Pro Tier only exist because of the cheaters that existed. Flare seemed to remove most of them, so do we really need Pro Tiers anymore?

Madlen, pls inform devs to change the pro tier in this hellfire cup! Practically it’s impossible to reach 1600+ whereas 99% ppl are lower than 1300+ only! Hope you fix this before this pro cup ends!


True, but remember, before the Pro Tiers, you were only able to get one chest until you reached inside the top 100. The tiers have given us better rewards, but they are still very unfair when it comes to Pro Leagues like this. I was very disappointed to work my butt off and only get 2 pro chests

They change the tiers in the end so it wasn’t that bad. The main problem I see with this kind of leagues is that for low/medium alliances it’s very difficult to get the pro boosts and almost impossible to achieve more than level 1… They should fit the points needed for the boost the same way they do with the tiers.

They did not change the tiers.

Yes they did, don’t know how much and all etc. But I had 1 chest more as reward compared to the rank where I ended (not the monthly reward chest).

No ticket is wasted because you’re always fighting against time. So you’re forced to play every single pro league if you don’t want to fall behind other players.


They really didn’t. There’s still too many players running the pro league with multiple accounts every single week.

I thought we used to get 2 chests for getting in the top 500 before

Yes they did, indeed you can still check it… the whole top 5 were in the first tier…

Oh, I was 60th place and still got only 2 chest…