Hello, all, first post

I am (was) at ascension level 33, and trophies 1293, when writing this there being already drop of my best. The gameplay experience was pretty well flowing until now encountered to be surrounded by unbeatable islands, so the trials resulting to defeats and ambrosia flows to resurrections. I do not know, what happened other, than maybe my gameplay skills did wear out, and I think that it is time to let the space for skilled people. Generally of online games I got few months of experience, then not all the experiences rsulted good, but this game I yet decided to try. My thanks of the fun experience with this game, with me admitting that my place is with other softwares than online games, too which I may be too old… oh well, byee, everyone :slight_smile:


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Have you leveled up your ascension level, recently? Have you done so a few levels in a short period of time?

If yes, that could be a problem, if you are not making better items/gear for your heroes.

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I think I tried to level heroes and builds equally, but the forging thingy I did less, because of losing propably best items that way, instead of that I sold weaker items to have space for new ones, but now I see from batle logs my base raided every hour and everyone of them results trophies loss. Also, I reached once 30 islands, and of them now 9 are gone and hold by strong defenses so, that my best heros dies multiple times, and if reaching gate keeper, timeout or defeat happening at that point. Maybe I have played making mistakes, which now results as difficulty barrier, as I keep my gaming skills belonging to least percents of general game players. I do not have enough of gems to use those for conquers, so my gameplay resulted to quick sand, by running too fast. My rank was around 9250 from which it now is dropping fast, nearing now around 9400, and what I did read from the tutorial, the game is easy on the beginning, so I guess I fall below 10000 in no time, especially if trying to attack to speed up that, lol


The items you get on your level, especially the purple/gold ones, are mediocre. If we take into consideration that you might not max forge them (should be the case in early levels - its not a bad thing), you then start falling a bit behind on your heroes.
As you level up, the gap between what your true powerful hero should be, and what you actually have, gets bigger and bigger, to a point which if it is not managed, it can be devastating. And this also gets even bigger, if multiple ascension levels are increased.

The key to this, is either a smooth leveling up with farming resources (including items), or do some more serious forging, meaning at least bring them up to purple or gold if you can. Use max forging (dismantling 4* items) to make them more powerful, but do so only for one hero, you can’t afford to lose so many items anyway. Most of those items, are going to be needed for your other heroes too, so be careful to check all heroes, before starting to dismantle items.

If you die too often, you have to get some of those resistances up… particularly fire and lightning, physical for non shielded heroes, all over 50% minimum.

Good luck!

The alternative to building resistances is to kill things faster and take less damage that way. It works better for some play styles than others, though.

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While I don’t disagree to some point, first of all a beginner would not have the experience to properly fight, choose the right order to kill/destroy or be able to judge a situation. Secondly, he/she would have to forge efficiently and correctly (perks), some new players cant even do that, so asking them to buff damage/general is not as simple as raise your resistances. And lastly, there is only so much you can do when in tough corners or if you take in more damage than you can deal.

While we are talking about damage, one would argue that this could be leveling up heroes, forging their gear, leveling up powers and units. That’s a lot.

Overall, I feel resistance is much easier to begin with. I mean I would skip some of them at 150, and the reason is clearly a more powerful setup, but its not easy to start with.

Forging has so many aspects in attacking, but so limited in defense. I tend to believe its much easier for new players to go with the resistance path. If you see, I dont even mention LOH, you need so much of it, and you don’t even notice it actually in my opinion in small portions.

I agree that it’s easier to use resistances, but I don’t think chasing them down to get a “complete set” is a good strategy, either. I used to see people all the time say they can’t do anything without cursed resistance rings, and those slots should be used for killin’ stuff faster. Pick useful resistances for boots and armor (fire and poison are the hardest to dodge, lightning does the most damage, physical is everywhere), make sure you have healing covered (loh is good, regen if you must, asclepius is very underrated by low level players but one of the most powerful healing souces), and focus the rest on killin’ stuff. That’s my take at least.

I fully agree on vest/boots/shield only. As per my suggestion above, 50% can be good enough. Because if I say more, it takes a lot more items or refines. And after a point, its not needed. However, on AP, I do need 80-90% of lightning to this day. When I go manual with my Cadmus, I use a “damage” vest and shield, leaving him with less resistance… this causes a death at tough corners, which then spoils the chest opening, as I get ambrosia in them, and so on (we’ve had this discussion before). But the point is, that its needed in different situations.

I’ve never chased rings with resistance. Not even for GK, which I think most people try. I am not sure if a lot want that, but I guess it can help in some occasions. I used to work with a refined physical/CD ring for shield-less heroes. I used it on Odysseys, because they were pretty tough especially the GK were I would die all the time. Having physical on a ring with CD enabled me to focus the other 2 slots with resistances, not to loose too much CD and pack some power with the weapons and CD with other ring and cape.

All I can understand is that the game difficulty can only increase from the point and all trials to improve results just exponentially more challenging game? I have tried to spot an area of game, where I have not yet reached dead end, and actually found it: I can play against self by testing own defenses, then bookkeeping on paper, how my heroes and defense on the base does. It is like having chess thingys, they stay always unchanged, but it can be played differently.


I examined, that how high resistance i can get, if trying to equip with same logo thingy, and the highest was/is only 23%, lol. Oddly I still have heroes on islands, when of islands soon half gone.

hello and also welcome to the forum.
it seems that heros on island behave a bit strange since the last update when we can use them also during war.
right after this update, some of the war heros are set to different islands when the war starts and some of the oponents heros placed on your own islands semms like they do not get replaced after a while, even if you do not fight them. this has been reported from various players in my alliance and i had the same feeling about it. but i have attacked every oponent from my islands at least once since then.

another very odd thing:
a member just reported this morning in game that he has a member of our own alliance on his normal map which is very, very strange. we cannot fight our own members on the normal map. he said that this player has been already on the island before he joined our alliance and he is waiting that it gets replaced since then. i asked him now if he can make a screenshot and send this to the customer support. i hope he is able to do so.

That’s the cause, and has nothing to do with the last update. It’s been this way for ages :wink:.

Forge your resistances to purple or gold colors… they don’t give so much, but they will be good enough for the beginning.

You could try more damage/power as suggested above. Forge your weapons and improve your units/powers.

the question is: why does the system not remove this player after a while, which always has been this way. otherwise if friendly alliances at the top would not attack each other they just block them from attacks for other player which would be exploitable.

imho since the update where heroes are not sent back to mt.olympus anymore, oponents stay longer. i observed this during war when i had no time to farm (and other players have reported that too).
i mean a player has a player of the same alliance on his map for about 2 weeks? really?

in former days we could just wait until strong players are removed from islands by the system and now if there has something changed they could just cummulate on the islands until you cant play anymore.

@CaptainMorgan can you please respond to this? thx

Can you explain what you mean here?

Oh I see what you mean. Yes, it shouldn’t be that long.

I haven’t observed it since no one stays more than a few hours on my map :joy:.


i always thought that there is a kind of timeout when heros dont receive attacks on an island s.t. they are replaced by other heros of other players. i think we dabated also on this a (long) while ago. and i also thought that heros apear on multiple islands s.t. it is not up to 1 attack of a single player to get a knock off.

if i understood marinien right, this was never the case and if a hero on an island is not attacked he stays for ever? i mean the following: we should not see heros of our own alliance members on the map. the player that (re)joined our alliance about 2 weeks ago now reports that he has still an hero of one of our members on the map an he waits now for 2 weeks that he gets replaced … it is wired.

what i mean w.r.t. exploit: if only one player is responsible that a hero is replaced from an island and if this player decides not to attack that hero, no other can attack him. if this would be the case then i could protect e.g. your hero if he is on my map simple by not attacking him. and if a high lvl player apears on the map of a low lvl player which decides to doge him, this would not work (anymore?)

i always thought the matchmaking system works different to that. (maybe it still does, but the described observation is very strange, not you think? i never had a member of my own alliance on the map - but i only switched once with my whole team in all those years)

ok. i am relieved now. i also replace other heros on my map, but i do have heros just sit on islands…

Yes, we should not see members of our own alliances appearing on our map, because we can free test their defenses before attacking them for real. But it didn’t mean that if a guy becomes member of the alliance then he should disappear immediately on your map. Think about implementation, these are two different things, and the latter is not easy to implement.

But I do agree that if a guy just sits on your maps for 2 weeks it is not normal. Normally he should be replaced in several hours (certainly less than a day as far as I know).

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and if the observation of the 14 days of a hero not beeing replaced is not a singular one and it does happen more often now, i assume that strong heros (if doged) will more and more occupy islands of weaker players, which would fit to the observation @Norona has reported, so i reported it in this thread. maybe he can tell if those strong players on his map are just the same over several days(?) :man_shrugging:

i do hope it is a not common now (or due to other reasons).

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