Hello... CM Statement

Hey guys,

I am writing this post now from a more personal perspective because I feel it is necessary after the heated discussion, which is going on and although I do not have to explain my reasoning I felt like I wanted to.

I am your community manager. This means I work for- and WITH you and for and with the devs.

Now my job is to prepare community events, fun side threads, give public announcements, tease things AND last but not least to collect your feedback and sentiment about the game.

When I joined this community 1,5 weeks ago, I was a bit shocked by the rough language and anger that sits within the forum threads (not saying that I don’t understand it).

However, part of my job is also to create a safe atmosphere for all members, players, but also for silent guest readers of all ages and backgrounds.

One of the points is to filter out common swear words, yes, I am sorry that this was made necessary (and some of you might feel restricted now in their way of expression), but I feel like it is the best. Some words may not insult you or you would only use them to describe something, but they could also be used to insult other community members and that is the main reason they are filtered. Because I saw these words being used like that.

Also, from what I can see everybody here is passionate about making a good game. That is why we want to discuss with you about features you might want to see improved, bugs you find, events you play and other things you notice in the game. This discussion is totally welcome and necessary because YOU - our players and our community are important and we value you.

BUT - I see many threads, that use inflammatory headlines or headlines with no meaning at all, that are posted just to release anger, that are posted to troll, that are posted to test me, that are posted to just rant basically. Now we always had in our rules (not just in my updated rules) that we do not allow this kind of behaviour.  And the simple reason is, it is not constructive and it takes away attention from serious improvement suggestions, quality feedback and actually fun. We all can take a good joke here and we all want to hear your feedback. But ask yourself - who do you rather listen to - a person screaming at you, telling you how useless you are or a person who gives you constructive feedback, such as this feature needs a rehaul because this and this is not working.

Now what I would wish for the future is if we could establish a good discussion again, with good healthy feedback, that I can forward easily and which can be taken seriously. Because we are and always were welcoming feedback. Also, we have to inform you more about things that go on as well. That is why I am really trying to post public announcements more frequently and to always keep you in the loop about is there a main bug known, etc.

I also want to say, I would much rather spend my time on creating fun forum events and such things, than deleting toxic behaviour. Last week, I actually prepared some fun forum events for you guys, but I couldn’t proceed with it, because of too many toxic things I had to take care off. And this week just starts like this again. You know in the end it is our community and we can work together, which is what I would wish for. I don’t want to come to work every morning and issue warnings. I much rather want to go to the devs and say like I have collected this feedback, can we do something about it, I have prepared this event for you guys, let’s have fun.

I do realize some bugs in conquest, the bug with the chests, the ad-problem and the multitouch issues are all valid concerns, and I tried my best to communicate about all of them. So if we all collect our creative energy and channel it into constructive feedback than just flaming in the 5th post about something, this forum can be a much better experience for all of the players PLUS I would finally have the time to actually do the fun things that being a community manager also includes.

Your community manager





Good job! I do want to point one thing though, and that is that the White Emblem topic, the main point of it at least, was not inflammatory, just simply a protest. Alliances can do that if they wish and they should be able to post that on the forum as well! You were somewhat right to close the first topic as it held multiple comments that could be deemed “inflammatory”, but imho, I really don’t think it was necessary to close the v.2 Topic.

I, too, wish for a clean and healthy forum environment, but all of you guys down at flare need to help us with that. I understand that you are trying your best to make this forum a good experience for everyone, but that’s not a job that you alone can do. We need active communication from all the devs. This will result in a calmer community that fully understands what is going on in the game.

I really hope you guys can continue to climb the communication ladder, cause this is something we really need right now

The thread about White Emblem was noticed, I saw the discussion, but it is up to me to decide what happens after me noticing it. This is what happened. If  I forward this feedback or not, you will not know, but it is also my job to give sentiments to the dev.

Also - my actions as a CM here are not open to discussion, because there is always a reasoning behind it. I cannot explain the reasoning for every single post or action I do, because that is what the rules are for (also this would be pretty time-intensive :grinning:

The devs are at best, when they work on the game. When I give you updates about the game state or other game-related things, this is the communication that happens from the dev. :slight_smile:

In the time that I was busy with the White Emblem thread, I could have collected much more game feedback and things like that. But stuff like this then also needs my attention and I cannot use it on actually communicating on game-related things with you guys. This is what is a shame really. So far I was busy with that all day and it could have been used to bring more value for you as well.



Nothing here is directed to you, CM. Everything that people release here out of anger is directed to the devs. Ofc everyone is frustrated and at some point will release their anger with strong language

Just look at the situation. We have waited over 6 months for this update. During that time, we had one of the worst CMs ever. The update came, many people were excited to see what’s new. But what brought it? Only the conquest which was a huge failure. Wars and ninjas stay the same. Defenses became hell, for the most part. Ofc now it’s more intense cause of the stargazer boost, but still, it brought us more and more bugs that make the game more or less unplayable. The multi touch problem is the worst. This update was just to drain the gems/money out of people

How would you react when you get ignored for more than 6 months, then the update comes and absolutely nothing has changed for the better. Ofc people are angry. Not the fault of the people, it’s the fault of FG, for not being able to keep this game fun and balanced

Yeah, you’re doing a fine job @Madlen! There’s a lot to cover here on the forums and it takes a lot of time to get through that stuff. I appreciate what you’re doing to try and help us out, but we seriously need the promised communication from the devs as well. That would help all of us!

Thank you Madlen.

I must add that is miss the picture of you and your fantastic hairstyle it gave me warmth and joy the travel through the forum and seeing it :slight_smile:

Now all that remains are the joyful image that lingers in my memories. Ahhh… you do not know What you have until someone takes it away! 

And yet you created that random post. ?

Wut? How is my post random? I was responding to Madlen’s topic

Lol, wisest words I’ve heard on the forum yet. We need to remember this when RR2 is finally gone from the gaming world

“With you feet in the air” something post

No no, I didn’t create that. I simply posted in it asking KKStar to move it to Off Topic, cause it was useless

Oh my bad

No problem :grinning:  

@DomikickI know, and it is not about taking things personally or not. I said it many times, I understand you are angry. But the problem is and I am gonna be very precise now that there is no constructive and fruitful message in hate threads. I want to make things better communication wise, but as I only have two hands the most efficient way is to use official announcements a lot and to answer burning questions from the community. So I would encourage you to check the announcements. And then for example if you see, hey we made no announcement about for example conquest chests missing yet, please open a thread and give us feedback, that it is not working. But then like one thread is enough.

However, if we already made an announcement, why the need to have 20 threads and more just with the same topic? We are working on it, we know it is far from perfect, if such a situation happens, and we will fix it. And yes, I hate being ignored, but I mean the devs heard you in that case for example. They hired me. I am here now to take care of community issues. Actually I was the one pushing for the refunds for the tech tree and the devs agreed to it and exectuted it. But we have to make it efficient guys. Every day a post about the same topic is just ranting. I notice your opinions better, when there is one constructive post mentioning things like I don’t know let’s say headline: “Defense Balancing” and then in the thread people give their constructive feedback about it. This is way easier to see the 15x post in general discussions like fix this s*** . 

Do you understand where I am coming from?


As I just said the devs need to concentrate on their work to make the game better. I am the medium of communication now. And you would all help me to get your feedback listened more, if it was constructive ( I am not saying it never is). I could collect it easier and I would even have the time to do fun community events.  And then whenever the devs have to announce something, it is also me who is posting it. So as long as I am here, the communication flows, unless and that is what 's a shame to me, I have to be busy all day long with filtering toxic or ranting threads.

So it is a 2 way street really. The more you work together with me and check - hey is this thread the first thread about this topic, is this comment useful to the thread or is it just ranting, am I giving constructive feedback, the more I can improve the feedback and the more we can actually implement into the game.

Yeah, we need to be a little more calm here on the forums and be more constructive. We tend to be like the following picture and it’s not the way we should be


No more ranting? Welp, there goes my purpose in life… *sniff* :slightly_frowning_face:

Although maybe there would be less shouting on the forum if users felt they’re heard. But when what you say doesn’t get through/you get ignored, it escalates until you start shaking the other person, screaming in their face “listen to me, flop dangit!!!”. You fix this behavior by improving communication between users and devs and I hope you can do it, Madlen. ?

Then don’t.

It amazes me how all CMs don’t realize that deleting and blocking content that you don’t like NEVER has a positive result.

Gala did the same thing and she never understood how toxic that was. The community turned on her pretty fast, and for good reason.

Please don’t go down the same path.


I mean, we get it, some topics are spam. But other topics are actually not spam and not toxic (like the white emblems topic). You just don’t like them, so you block/delete them and THAT is toxic and harmful and disrespectful towards the community.

It really amazes me how CMs don’t get it.


So it’s the victim’s faults (the players who feel wronged with this update and for being ignored in the past 6 months) ? Are you serious?

Damn …



Word censoring, forum events (not being done because of players lol), deleting/blocking topics you don’t like… in a normal setting these kinds of things would fly, but not right now. Those things just feel like a waste of work time, instead that time could (should!) be used to actually fixing the game.

Players feel really really wronged by Flare with everything associated with 4.0. Some people can express themselves better than others, but it all comes down to the same thing.

It was useless forum and seems it will be same. To talk with me like with a kinder is not good way to communicate with player who pay.

i dnt want to think about  HOW you will make game better. Its not my deal.

i want to have abiliity to say- your game is going wrong way.go and fix it, and i dnt care how you will do it and who will do it.

its absolutly true that no need to say it many times. One time is enough for everyone who want to hear.


So with you Madlen or without for me it doesnt matter. Just make me sure- you are know what you do- did you want to make balance exactly you did? Or not.

its only thing i want to ask and i want to get answer, cuz i saw a lot of answers with things which doesnt matter, like fun event and etc. its like to talk about the puppies during the revolution. None care