Hello from CM Jack!

Hello dear Community,


As many of you have noticed, we Community Managers didn’t care of you well enough lately. We have been reading what you have been posting, but could not find the time to interact with you. We are totally aware that this was pretty bad and we want to sincerely apologize to you.


There are at lot of things always going on at flaregames and our department is going through a lot of changes.

  • We are hiring more community managers that should guarantee that this situation never happens again.
  • We are preparing a better strategy of how to take care of you.
  • We want to be more transparent overall.


We want to make sure that you don’t ever again feel unheard or left alone.


Enough with the Past! Let’s talk future:

  • From today on, I will start doing Community Management on the forums.
  • What is Community Management? I want to engage and build a healthy community with all of you and act as a communication hub between developer and community. This means I will deliver your issues, activities and mood to the developer every week to make sure they are aware of how the community is doing and update you about what the developer is doing.
  • The developers have also joined the forum and will interact with you on gameplay and design ideas in the Suggestions forums. Getting devs to be active on the forums is a very rare thing and it will be amazing to have them around.
  • We are close to signing an additional Community Manager to also join the Community!
  • I will start doing some events and creating some content (Time to win some Gems!)
  • And: It’s time to get to know you guys!


Action #1:

Give me any kind of feedback about the current state of the community.

What needs to be done immediately within the community? Is there anything that you believe isn’t going well that I can take care of?


I will be cleaning some things up in the Forum that I believe aren’t optimal (Bug Forum!) and looking to improve some structures.

I want to build this together Community together with you, so if you don’t like something I’m doing or don’t know why I did it, just ask me and I’ll answer. If I missed your question, gently poke me and I’ll be there. Communication is key!


Looking forward to having a great time with all of you! :slight_smile:






I started a new account on Royal Revolt 2 and will start telling you my journey through the game!

FlareJack is looking for friends :slight_smile:



As i said also to Pete i can say at 100% that i’m feeling better than before with all of you (Staffs and Developers) since now. Thanks you in advance for what you will do, and you have done so far. =)

Looking forward for fantastic things !



P.S.: I added you as normal friends hope you do not mind  :grinning:

Glad to see you all being more active, finally.


Agree with RevenanT. Although, I’m not really affected by the changed rewards I can understand  what  those whose rewards have been turned into vouchers can feel. This happened in the past when you changed rewards, people weren’t happy, you started fixing it by sending gems to players who lost their gems from unclaimed quests (but they had to prove how much they have lost - lol ) but now situation happens again what isn’t good.


One more question, what about the poll ? We are waiting for over a week now :wink:

You know thing which I don’t like about you guys.you guys are not clear.i mean we are players and we want simple plain direct answers of our query.

We always post our query here and you guys rarely respond to our queries and if you guys do also that also is not clear.

We ask is sr bug fixed,is dungeon bug fixed,is blizzard bug fixed,is froster blaster bug fixed,is scream bug fixed,is wolf howl fixed???

We just want quick “yes” or “no” answers.but you guys never respond and when you respond that also like this “we are working on this problem and we will let you know in few days” but no clear cut response and sometimes no response at all.you know bugs are seriously causing lots of troubles ao at least inform us clearly how much progress you guys made in this direction.

Please be accountable towards your players.

And I really appreciate this step by flare and don’t ruin this also.

First thing that needs to be done is and I’ve said this from the beginning make War seasons an Optional feature we loose a lot of players due to the fact that you pair us with unbeatable Alliances also some people just want to play regular game and not be involved in the war seasons. We faced a Level 12 Alliance in war season 7 we were at Level 500. Not one of our members could even gain more than one square away from our tents. Try it every war season and people get the point of not wanting to play this game anymore. 

We ALL have lives other than RR2 Family, jobs, vacations etc.  


Yes, totally agree. I know that this was very unfortunate and we failed at announcing this.

We also didn’t react quickly enough to calm the storm of complaints.


We have learned from this and have set plans in motion to:

  • Make sure important announcements are released earlier

  • Compensation Plans are set in place and also announced.


Dealing with compensations is often a question of how much we can overload the customer support and they are currently ramping up to be able to handle these situations - then it will become easier for us to offer compensations. For now, all I can say is: next time will be better - promised!


I’ll try to go through all topics that haven’t been touched by us during this week.

After that, just poke me (private message) to hint me at a topic you require a flare answer and I’ll be there. I can’t promise that I will always have an answer, but I’ll try. (Even CMs sometimes don’t have all information)


The developers will take care of your feedback.

Changing game features is out of my power, I am forwarding the feedback to the devs often and giving the community a voice.


Of course, the more our community grows and the closer I personally get to the community, the better I can understand you and give better feedback to the devs. So getting this community up and running is very beneficial for all of us :slight_smile:

Hi jack,


Thank you for this post.


RR2 is a great title and has done well for Flare. As a community we hope that it continues to do so.

Regardless of where it stands in its lifecycle, tending to customers is a good business practice.

You have a very difficult job to do and you come in at an low point in customer satisfaction.

Frankly, except for the server going down for days it is hard to imagine what could get worse at this point.


The fact that people complain yet stick to the game is a testimony to the great product/loyalty Flare has created.

We all want to believe in Flare and the great product you have created. I do not think anyone has illusions about Flare customer service at this point.

Which is kind of good for you personally. It does not take a whole lot to improve things.


The complaints from players in general are easy to anticipate:


- Bugs:

             Apple can afford to ignore most customer complaints because they are a behemoth with a pristine marketing image.

             Yet even Apple, apologized for its disastrous “Maps” rollout and a key VP was fired.

             Flare’s reputation is about as bad as it can get right now. Any communication with will improve your image.


             Case in point, the “rangebug”. I suspected it was a somewhat serious bug.

             For all sorts of reasons, probably valid, it took some time to fix it.

             Being silent is the worse approach. it sends the message “we don’t even care enough to acknowledge you exist”

             In the end, you did explain to us what the bug was. The explanation was simple and made sense.


- Wars/Boosters/nerfing/This or that feature:

             These are design decisions. People may like or dislike them. It’s your product do what you think is best.

             Collecting customer feedback is good, but in the end put forth the very best product you can.

             The market will tell you if you are doing well. Just give us a sense you are listening and this should go well.


- The gem to voucher conversion outcry was visible a mile away.

   If the RR2 Product Manager did not anticipate it, he needs to be replaced.

   Then perhaps he did anticipate it and took the decision anyway. I suspect this is the case because we have seen it in the past.

   Perhaps it is the right business decision. perhaps you can weather yet another black mark on your record.


   I hope the voucher system help bring new players to the game and nets you more money.

   The free players will get on board in any case and will bombard people with invites which is good!

   Stripping the gems reward seems like an bad business decision that can only results in worsening your reputation which it did… like the previous times.

   The paying players probably don’t care that much but it demonstrates/reinforces the idea that Flare is greedy.

   That free players think you are greedy is not that much of a problem because they do not pay. If paying playing hold back then it become an issue.

   You are a commercial enterprise. You need to make money. We want you to make lots of money. Just be intelligent about it. 


- Pay2win: Too many people complaint about this. I would suggest addressing the topic head on in a polite and respectful way.

                   You develop a product and make it available for free. people can spends hundreds of hours never spending a dime.

                   There are lots of ways/levels to plays this game. Players get to decide what level of investment they choose to make.

                   Being a free player is ok. It helps enrich the community. Being a paying player sustains the game.

                   One of my 2 accounts is a free account. I have lots of fun with it. I would not avoid the freemium conversation.


                   Have a short, positive response:

                    "We provide an great game that can be enjoyed in lots of different ways.

                     Gems can be used to speed up progression if players choose to do so.

                     We believe we offer a great gaming experience regardless of player investment level. "


- Reputation: I am sure you track all sorts of metrics on the game mainly related to monetization which is ok.

                       May I respectfully suggest that you start monitoring the number of “Flare sucks” posts in the forum.

                       Someone’s year end bonus should depend on this.

                       It hurts me whenever I see a negative post in the forums or when I hear a player talk negatively of Flare.

                       All organizations have issues. They are a normal part of life.


Fixing companies is what I do for a living. It starts by acknowledging there is a problem and then wanting to address it.

Perhaps the fact that you wrote this post signals that Flare wants to engage with its customers.


I hope these help,


Best Regards,


Knight Gallant

hey jack. cool thread. I think the fact you shared your IGN with us is incredible! that is probably your best bet to bonding with the community.


people typically come to the forum when they want or need something. you always see us at our worst.


if you make a presence in the game itself youll get to see us at our best :grinning:


as far as the forum goes if you hold up your word about actually responding to us I don’t think there will be further issues :slight_smile:

do you think it is strange that i and many others dont thrust you guys at flare ???

first give me my tickets that i didnt get because of your epic fail system, beter give back the taken gem rewards…

start fixing stuff . as long stuf is not fixed i dont thrust a single word from a flare employee,

also make suport better cause i stil hearing stories of people who w8 long times to restore account or get gems back ,

make it easier to restore or backup your account. make it work across more devices easily. stop bringing updates where the main focus is greed from flare games.

also get windows users a fair chance and also let them get free gems. and you wanna know the curent state of the comunity is ??? is this already first proof that you just dont read the forums ???

READ FORUMS AND START ACTING . cause this is goin from bad to worse . and talking nice and promising stuff dont work as long things are not fixed . fix stuff and we see if we play this game longer . but you cant get a sudden good name by just promissing stuff .fix stuff and the players decide if you doing good or not. its in your own hands now .


o yeah and what need to be done imidiatly is fix windows 10 support . it need to work when windows 10 comes out otherwise i think lots of players start dropping the ball here including me



thanks for the detailed post.

We are aware of many of those issues and some are already being worked on.


Regarding Reputation:

I hope that having more employees active on the forums and being more transparent and having great communication will raise our reputation and trust to our players.


The intent of this was to emphasize that we want to work together with the community on this. Community feedback is the most valuable information we can get from the forums :slight_smile:

Hello Jack :slight_smile:

I added you as well in the game (as a normal friend) I hope you will accept me :slight_smile:

My main issue currently is the vouchers system, is it broken? Is it disabled on purpose? (Because of the possible “exploit” on windows 8… I think you know what I mean).

I invited 2 (real world) friends to join the game (=2 new customers for you), I shared my code (we are vouchers friends) but I’ve got no vouchers from their level ups (almost 30 level ups, no reward for them and for me), do you know why it is happening? (I also got no vouchers from 9/10 people I added to my vouchers friends)

They are kind of disappointed and will wait before using real money in the game, since their first experience with the game wasn’t fully satisfying :confused:

I believe that the game takes too long. It’s a lot of hurry up (get as much gold as possible during your gold shield!) and wait (not being able to do anything, hurry up and wait, hurry up and wait. I think that food recharging faster, or for food requirements not to increase with level (but rather with Throne Room, maybe?), would fix this, and make the community more active. I often feel like RR2 is just a once a day thing, if even.

  1. More content. More content = more possibilities = more discussion

Not that these are the only things which need to be done, but they should get brownie points for helping the community as a whole.

What about the dungeon not opening for Lumia devices? Do the developers know about it? Any idea how much time it will take to cure the problem? I want to complete the dungeon ASAP.

Hey zohaibtheking,

this question was answered in another post: http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/5322-cannot-open-dungeon/page-2. One of our team said: "Hi guys,


we are very sorry that you experience this bug. Thank you for pointing it out in the forum and providing us with information about it.


Based on all your input (especially device types are always helpful) we investigated and made a fix for at least most of the cases in which the bug occurs. It will be delivered with the upcoming update - which is coming very soon.


So please be patient for just a few more days until the update has gone through the approval process of all platform holders (only Apple is still missing), and see if the app-update fixes your problem. If you find the time please tell us if the fix worked out for you.


Sorry again and thank you for patience.





Have a nice day and thank you for helping us to improve the game with your questions,