Help a noob :(

Testing my defenses with my Perseus… he breezes through anything I throw at him… T_T HOW CAN I STOP THIS MOFO?!

Please bear in mind that I’m a noob… so be gentle, please :wink:


  1. level up your hero. 

  2. level up the units and powers you use the most. 

  3. learn to toggle defense mode on/off when  iapetos towers fire. 

Remeber that you’re not supposed to have an easy time with every defense on your map. Some may be very difficult. That’s on purpose. 

Hey @dumpster I am testing MY OWN defenses, but my Perseus demolishes anything I throw at him with my defenses. He is my strongest hero, therefor I use him as a test subject :wink:

The screenshots are my layout.

Take out the trebs for a start, they are useless in defence. Move to an alliance that has troop blessings. Upgrade waves/towers. 

P.S Percy is one of the best heroes for attack anyway, so you’ll probably always win at your ascension lvl. Its when you get above lvl 100 things get a bit harder.

Ok. I would think a different defense layout would stop him, then! Level up your towers and units. 

Yea, not really intending to use the trabs, they just ended there when I made the screenshot as I was shifting through waves comps for tryouts.

As for the Alliance… would kinda suck to leave my own alliance lmao :wink: but yea, I should put on those blessings but I want to lvl up a bit more the alliance :wink:

Yea, tried a few different layouts… but need to try some more. I am in the process of leveling up my towers, barricades and troops. Workers and buildings busy 24/7 lol until I reach the cap of everything at my current Hero Temple level :slight_smile:

BTW, better to pay for blessings before you lvl up your alliance as they get more expensive with every alliance lvl :grinning:  

Now THAT’s an useful piece of information! Thanks! :wink:

Many alliances have several years worth of blessings, obviously that’s hard to pay for on your own, but if groups of players plan together, it’s possible and happens frequently .  Np

@Sangrial i suggest you to ask Warrionator if he have a place in his alliance, he is a veteran and he can teach you very well

Oh I’m not alone in here. I can’t really call an Alliance with only 1 player lol. We are 12 noobs :wink:

Thanks for the tip @vasudeva1! :slight_smile:

@Sangrial Many thing you must know about defense. Very important to know the weakness of them. Charon is poison,lapedos water,barricade fire,etc…After you can construct your own defense and will be able to know more where to place them to have the maximum damage and how to kill a hero

I have take this design by someone who kill me 3 times in a row in 10 seconds. Since I have try and modify it. Result I gain so much gems and push back my opponent 

Few thing you need to know

1.Don’t put 2 lapedos tower side by side. Someone have just to have Okeanos and bingo its over.

2.Charon Tower must be placed between 2 road. So when someone reach the Charon Tower. the time someone lose to attack it will summon ghost over the other side who will overhelm soon

3.Nyx Tower must be placed and its a mistake many do. Not at the beginning but more in middle where no troops can reach. The player who attack is doom if he don’t have bring Trebuchet

4.Always try to put together different element damage : Fire,Ice,Poison and Lightning. So someone will maybe missing one of them and die

5.Like many game of this same kind like Royal Revolt 2,Dawn of Steel, Cloud Raiders,etc… the key is test it. If you beat it. Good chance everyone will. However if you take Perseus,Archilles or Athena and die a lots its a good sign your defense its very good.

if you follow this. You will push back a lots of them and gain a lots of gems. Enjoy

PS : for fun fact in Dawn of Steel I am undefeated after 30 attacks in a row. My defense is close invincible. I know where to place each defense. Royal Revolt 2 my defense is really good too and I gain close 100-300 gems/week. So I have a big knowledge in defense in this kind of game