Help a noob :)

So I started to play this game a little over a week ago and have some questions whose answers I couldn’t figure out.

Q1- How do I increase the amount of units I can spawn in the beginning of a battle? I know how to increase leadership but there has been no substantial increase from level 1-25 in the number of units I can employ. At least not that I noticed.

Q2- How do I not enter a league? I topped the first three leagues and am now stuck with level 80 dudes. I see no option to not enter a league. The gay looking guy just congratulates me and I have to press a button putting me in the next league.

Thanks in advance for any help and please don’t troll :slight_smile:

Welcome to this beautiful game Hassaan,


  1. Increase your Leadership and you’ll increase the speed to spawn more units, level up grow up your leadership but not so much (especially at start of the game), you have to buy items that give you more leadership from granny shop or dungeon caves where you can have maybe the luck to find items called (cave of grave goods), that can make a potential increment. Here about leadership 


  1. Currently there is no possibility “to not enter” in a league, but you can stay in the same  if you are in top 9 of league or go down to the previous league staying in the red zone (10 to 15). Here also some info about leagues


And for any other things the Wikia is for you =)

Wow thanks. That helped a lot :wink: