Help, I am lost!!

I am a returning player after stopping for about 1 year and 4 months. My king level is 86 with around 3.1k trophies (I lost 400 trophies by continuously getting rekt due to failed attacks lol). When I stopped, I remembered having everything maxed out (troops, spells, hero gear) and got bored as the only way to crack open strong bases was to use scrolls (around 4-5k trophy range). And now, I realized that bases at 3k trophy range are pretty difficult for me. I have only the cannon and knight elite boost after getting invited to a random alliance. 

My question is, where do I even start now? There are so many new stuffs and I am getting demotivated to play (I have limited time to read guides, screw and look around) but the new stuff looks awesome. Should I start by forging my gear? Spells? Troops? Start maxing buildings/troops/spells? <<Difficult if I keep getting rekt. I have no idea lol. My hero stats also looks really low now in comparison to other players. I only have all legendary gears which I assume is not the highest tier anymore and 2 uber gears from the box. Should I start forging my uber gears or wait for better gears? And I saw a video in game saying that legendary gear can be forged into uber gear. So should I forge an existing uber gear or forge a legendary into uber? Or both yields the same results?

And what are the best spells/troops right now? I am using sonic blast (lv8), heal and swordrain. Boosted knights,cannon,froster. They are no longer maxed (they used to a long time ago).

Btw, I just spent 1050 gems on 5 uber box package, is it worth it? I currently have 10k gems and 750 pearls so forging shouldn’t be a problem but no idea where to start. Sorry for the wall of text and loads of questions, answers and help are greatly appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:  

Welcome back!


I’m not that experienced myself, but Flothaboss, one of, if not the best RR2 player, makes alot of videos.


Here is a tutorial on what to forge


For more tutorial videos i recommend visiting


Using gems on uber chests is worth it to become stronger, but as your king levels up you find better items, so forging them or spending too much on chests at lower levels would be a bad idea.


Hope you’ll find your way back in, i’m sure more players have some tips. :slight_smile:


Bases have upgraded and the trophies of players have risen. What I would recommend is -

Max out The Castle Buildings like Troop Academy and Unlock the Monk, Black Magic and Lightning Tower. I’d say forge the troops and spells you are currently using as of now. Concentrate on your offense initially and then move on to defense. I would advise you to wait for uber gears. I feel the upcoming Zombie Event can be a great opportunity to earn uber gears, that too unique.

Best Troops - For the basic boosts as you wrote, you should replace froster with the monk. Frosters were nerfed some time ago. Start to max your cannon and knight first.

Best Spells - Sonic forge range to at least 2.70 (5 times), Heal should be replaced by Shield as soon as possible and forge regeneration perk, Blizzard or Bladestorm or more effective. In fact Toxic Cloud with high slowdown perk is also useful. Do consider upgrading your firestorm for zombie/ninja events.

Well those packs are not worth. You should buy the pack of 10 during Uber Days event only.

:slight_smile:  Hope it helps. You can contact me in game for help.

I have the same instructions like KK Star. You should start concentrating on maxing out Wizard Tower, Troop Academy and Inventor´s Workshop to get Black Magic, Monks and Lightning Tower. Believe me, they are very useful. Replace your Heal with Shield and forge the health regeneration perk in it, max the Sonic Blast and forge its range, also don´t forget Blizzard too because it´s strong now.

Thanks for all the replies! I have a rough idea of what I should do now. I have 3 uber chests remaining and I am level 86 now, should I open them or level up some more, then only open? What I got from the first 2 chests were pauldron (hp 1908, lvl 103, 2115 ice resis,1779 archer toughness), gauntlet (atk 213, lvl 102, 204 ice dmg, 1971 monk atk power) and a ring (gold boost 13.6,werewolf atk increase 2177). They were better than my previous equipments but are they worth upgrading? It takes a pretty long time to level up right now.

Well, does not matter if you open them later or now, so open now itself. The items are rather poor compared to other items in the market. Currently Unique Ubers are in fashion. No point upgrading these perks, so rather forge troops and spells. Also, remember the attack increase and toughness values are not the same as shown.

You better open them now, once you get uber chests at a determinate level, in your case lvl 86, no matter if you open them after 10 levels, the perks stats will get the values of the items of once you were lvl 86.

How do you forge your defences? I know it’s not recommended but I cant seem to find that screen on my android phone.

They have to be level 9 in order to see the (purple) forge button.

Ah thanks

You have to get your offense going again to be able to get enough gold.
So upgrade the troop academy and wizard tower to be able to max out
spells and troops. Then max your used troops and spells, especially
knights, cannons and sonic blast. Switch to shield from heal and to
blizzard from swordrain (after having a decent level). Forge 5 times
range on sonic blast to be able to hit firebolt towers behind barricades.

I’d go from frosters to arblasters, but only after your arbs are maxed and
you forged range on them to at least 6.2+ (outshoot cannons). Until then,
frosters will be fine. Forge knights and cannons as shown in the video, if
you have more pearls, forge spells and legendary items 3 times to get
them to uber (but not more, because you will get better ones over time
and the pearls will be lost). Take the perks, that you get, don’t remove
them! If you get better uber gear: use it instead. You will need more item
slots to be able to keep usful items (only buy them discounted)  :slight_smile:

It will take some time for sure, so expect a dry spell until you feel comfortable
again :grinning:  Good luck :slight_smile:

Depend of what you have planed to do. The best 

1.Try to upgrade all your building : Wizard Tower,Academy,Workshop,etc…

2.Focus on level up max each units

3.try if you can unlock more slot for melting and make pearls

4.Forge your units,spells and Tower

5.if you want after upgrade tavern and farm

that is for you all depend what you need the most first and what order you want to upgrade your stuff

For me I invest time to up max all my tavern its my priority some people said that don’t worth it but the fact is yes really. When you sleep during night and you wake up the morning and you have gain +24 gems or more. thanks tavern. My building are now all max or close. Still just my farm after I cna concentrate 100% of time on my defense