Help.. I have 18k gems..

Hello warriors… I want your help… I do not speak English so I apologize if it costs them understand …


Well recently chooses to buy 20k in gems … they were on sale for half price and also had another offer (+1 worker, 9M gold, 3 days shield, +1 level treasure chamber) which already take … The first I did was upgrade the castle level 7 to 8 (9M-3M) and then think updating the wizard’s tower level 9 (6.5M-1.25M) to upgrade again the castle to level 9 (5M-4.5M) stay with 1M about … since I could not play because before buying offers put three farms improve the level 10 and thus can not produce food … I have 18K in gems appreciate your opinion of the best way to use them … Annex some images …



Donate them to me. Now!


Joking aside, I would upgrade my farms/silo to last level. Farms are crucial in the game allowing you to play more down the road, accelerating everything long term. Also buy every additional worker you can afford, that’s probably the best investment I did in the game.


jaajjaja… You can donate gems? if you could … could make a kind of spring 500 gems for the best comment …  :slight_smile:


I have improved since the last level silo … I am currently three farms improve the level 11 and have 4 workers …

I can go for a Christmas present, it’s not like I want a new legendary item or anything(hint hint) :grinning:

Save it for future packages , as the prices for upgrading towers continue to grow in gold price it will be cheaper to buy 7 day gold shields and earn the gold by raiding. Also save it for upgrading your Alliance towers as those are also pricey. Then just keep an eye out for hero items that are on granny sale.



Save your gems for:


  •    Hero items on granny sale


  •    7 Day gold shields


  •    Alliance towers


  •    Packages 


Also don’t be in a rush to spend, sometimes you can get caught up in the amount that you have and next thing you know your in need of gems again.

What about my present :slightly_frowning_face:

its ok what language do you speak?


  •    Hero items on granny sale: this is safe


  •    7 Day gold shields: I find it very expensive … I do not have time to save time as gold is windows 8 and sometimes I can not play when I get home … my strategy is to make the gold necessary for any improvement or construction at once … example treasure protects my camera 500k with that I filled my farm and silo attacked and attacked up to 2.5M … in that case 1 would protect maximum day 3.


  •    Alliance towers: not much of alliances … I have to probe as beneficiary me …


  •    Packages: this is the safest … but I doubt many gems to offer me another package… I hope that if



Puedo ir a dar un regalo de Navidad, no es que quiera Nuevo objeto legendario o nada(pista pista)

buy hero items on granny sales , use it for extra worker (6/7 workers should do) , save for gold shield and sice you are windows user maybe buy a lot of food and break league record ? hahaha


 You won’t get package offer when you have lots of gems and maybe scrolls a lot to finish dungeon 

Don’t buy legendary gear until you are high enough even though its tempting ( and save the dungeon item caves until you are higher level unless it blocks you progressing)


Only use it for gold shields 1 days, maybe 3 days and for extra food when saving up to upgrade a higher level building/tower/spell/troop.


Try not to use scrolls apart from the dungeon. Getting high level monsters Is a more efficient way to get a good attack/defence before you can afford to upgrade your troops.


I took the same 1/2 price offer and I haven’t taken all my advice as much as I should. :slight_smile: but if you upgrade your farms, silo, and treasure chamber to 750k protection, fill it up, then fill your farms and silos then go on the attack you can get a lot of gold without spending any gems and start getting those higher level towers. From about lv 60 with full food and 750k protected I could get 2-3.5m gold without using additional food. so im gradually upgrading all my defence to that level now. Only when you need to spend more than this use gold shield and buy food to help get beyond this amount of gold. A good use is to max up your spells to make attack better to help maximise the gold you can win. It should last a long time if you can be patient.