Help me for account , thanks

Hello everyone, I already wrote my problem in a post in Technical Bug without any answer, I hope to have in this category, how to transfer your Royal Revolt 2 account to another device via a Google account. I already tried but it bugged on the loading screen “shield”. So I want to change my phone and transfer my account. thank you for your reply
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Try connecting with facebook… See if that works…

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Ah yes I had not thought about it, I will have to create an account then. But the concern is that I have the game on my phone and when I installed it on my tablet, barely on the download screen I was asked to link the game to a google account, i 've therefore link the game to my google account, except after the download comes the loading screen in golden shield, and there the screen freezes, leaves and returns to the home screen of my tablet. So I’m in a bind, it comes before I can link my account to Facebook.
Thank you for your answers .

J’ai essayé mais ça me marqué erreur , comme quoi l’application beug , alors je vais donc changer de téléphone et espérait que mon compte soit sauvegarder .