Help me if you are good in Alliance War

Ciao RR2 player from Oregon USA.


I’ve reading lots of info about Alliance War but still a little confuse how it works. As a leader I wanted to do better in Alliance War. Nobody want to lose. Here are some of my questions:


  1. How does the war matching really works? I know it bases fiefdoms but how about Kings level? Trophies? Number of players? Medals contributes any factor in war matching? 


  1. The first 3 raids will give me bonus skulls. Does this apply for same enemy I fight or I need to fight different player to get the bonus?

Is that right I have to pick the player with most skulls I can beat to fight in order to win?


  1. If I raid an enemy all the way to the gate do I get more skull?


  1. If one of my general has won some skull but left my Alliance then decided to come back during war. Do my team also get his/her skulls back or lose all the skulls he/she had won?


Last but not least what is the best tips you can give me to win the war?


Thanks in advance if of you can answer these.








In world on the left hand side is a spanner click it,then click the small gold page this will take you to a questions section,alliance info is there along with other info about the game.

Your questions should all be answered there.

: )


Do you mind post a link instead? Thanks.

Sorry I was mistaken it’s a question mark in world you have to click just above the spanner, not able to post link

1- Fiefdom number, then the number of spots of the alliance, it’s something like that. Medals have no influence


2- You must raid different players to get more skulls, but the 2% extra and the loser bonus work on every raid


3- Yes, the skulls you get are calculated in the same way as medals and gold, percentage you raid = percentage you get


4- No, your team loses all the skulls and there’s no way to have them back. Also, your player will have to wait 60 hours to be able to attack in war again…

Karman already answered all the questions i was about to answer. except…

5- Best way to win wars is to join {RW}Raging Warhearts