help me lost all my boost

hi everyone 

i was prolong my boost to 20 year before i reach 7300 days all boost gont now game keep disconnecting 

Hey AliM, sorry this has happened, could you please give us your in-game name? We are looking into it now.

my name in the game :  Gondlir

my name in the game :  Gondlir

That 20 years though.

summary of problem :

i used 100 dollar pack to get 14000 gem used them to prolong to 7300 days after i reach 7000 then game start disconnect my boost gone reset to 0 and cant active again when I press boost game disconnect automatically 

It will probably be resolved since captainmorgan saw your post.


something happen after i reach 7000 days like the boost was locked 

Thats probably a remnant cap, I dont think anyone had ever done 20 years before. In any game. THey dont normally live that long on IOS even

If ever I create a new account in the future, I will stop at 6,999 days. :wink:

no less then that number if you get any extra boost to 7000 , you reach danger zone , i guess the FAQ say you can prolong without limit was false 

Like Infamous said, it’s probably something of a cap set forth by the developers. Or something like that.

This is not a cap, you’ve actually reached a date which causes an issue with the OS. We have a fix, but unfortunately we will not be able to resolve it until Monday. Once it is resolved, we will obviously compensate you for the time lost. Once it is fixed you should also have no further problems with prolonging.

but how about my 7000 days i don’t have any boost now , will it return to me 

I have major questions about whether society will be around in 20 years, let alone OR. 

Boosts will end in year 2038? ???


May we also consider this (unfortunately very  common) habit an exploit of the system ?

I mean, new ally, boost bonuses forever at cheap price, and then raise the ally level ?
Makes me wonder what was the reason of raising so harsly the costs of bonuses months ago if this kind of behaviour is allowed and not even frowned upon.

Imho existing bonuses should scale their duration down accordingly every time you raise the alliance level, if things wants to be kept fair.

Note please, I’m not blaming people for doing it … I’m more ranting with the devs for allowing such an obvious exploit after stating that the costs of bonuses were being raised to balance the system and because they didn’t want everyone to run around with full bonuses all the time.

Maybe he will play until 2038, who knows, lol. And it is very cheap, only 10 gems per week at level 1. Hahaha.

people complain about the long 20 year i am not playing to play for 20 year but i can give my account for someone else in future if i don’t play anymore 

Not complaining dude, just astounded that you’d invest for 20 years meaning you see yourself playing the game 20 years from now, which is good if the game is still alive by then.