help me understanding this pic

Don’t know if it’s bug or not so posting here. I am happy we won …but but I don’t understand the mechanism at all.

We’ve had a similar result: The reason was that before our player did even make his first attack, the other player left their alliance.

Oh good so there is still hope for us in this conquest.

I will just invite everyone from that level 70 alliance to join our little team and we can sweep the board.

I should have known that there was a reason that Flare matched us up against them.

I just thought it was another mistake but there is a real purpose to their decision.

I’m guessing that you had a bigger troop number then your enemy?

More troops = bigger attack factor, thus you win (or defense, in case you were defending).

PS: The terrain also affect this attack/defense multipliers.


No energy to attack once you made the trip,  and then again I have lost the ambition also.