Help, new player ago a couple questions

Hello everyone, I am a new player (_ I speak Spanish _) and I have a couple of questions: 1. Defensive Way If building a road you realize that you’re wrong or you have a better extrategia for which you must take a different path, is it possible to change it ?, ie is it possible to clear road built without modifying the original? Otherwise, it would be implemented very useful as it might bother you quite your instance in the game and the towers and defenses of the way if can be moved or removed. 2. Ranges in the alliance When a new player enters my alliance, it is automatically rank Soldier and I can ascend to the player but, What is the next  rank? How many ranks are there? What are the differences between each rank? — I hope you can help me and thanks for the inconvenience.

  1. it is possible to edit your road without starting over; to move towers, click on them once and then click and drag to move it, and to change the road itself, click on it once and then click and drag it to change its shape.


  1. as far as i know, there are two ranks in an alliance; leader and soldier. the soldiers are the people who join the alliance, and the leader is the one who created it. the leader has exclusive rights in kicking people out of his or her alliance.

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as MisterE was just faster now… I’ll shorten my answer. I agree with everything MisterE already explained, but let me give a few additions:


  1. It is possible to change your path design, obstacles, towers and wave troops as often as you want for free. So, feel free to test and play around with each of them as much as you want! :slight_smile:


  1. Currently (except the leader) “Soldier” is the only rank for alliance members. As you might have noticed, the alliance upgrade just came out a few days ago. Though, it is likely that additional ranks might be added with later updates, and Flaregames (publisher of Royal Revolt) currently work on various improvements and extensions for alliances. 

Thank you very much to you both for your help :wink: