Help Out a Returning Player?

Hi, the last time I played this game was more than a year ago. Could someone summarise the essential changes that has happened in the game since July 2018? Thanks.

Game now has max lvl of 150, that pretty much raised all defensive obstacles to double health/damage.  As a result defence got a nice boost.

You will need demolition perk on all heroes when fighting  a base above lvl 135.  Frostbite now is a very good perk, does x 2 ice damage when activated.

Asclepius powers heals the hero x2 than the value stated so can be useful when your resistances lower as you lvl up.

There’s still a common  bug with area damage and damage reflection that gives proportionately high damage for the GK when area damage items are equipped.

Ajax still sucks.  Prometeus got a bit better. 

New war system. 

Refining system where you can add perks to gear and uniques (but you might want to wait as better at high levels)

Hi Sharknado,

Welcome back to the game. :slight_smile:

You can see all the changes here:

We also have a QA section from the devs that is also interesting to read :slight_smile:


Got it. Thanks. When you say new war system, so the leagues were abolished? I tried the leagues when it first came out. I quit a week after that.

Thanks. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of free time to read everything from the past year. I will check it out though if I do have some queries. 

By the way, would it be fine if you send me some kind of a “model” or “ideal” defence set-up? Mine looks like it is so outdated. I am level 100, hero temple level 10.

Yeah the league system works, and the wars run pretty smoothly (although last war was a ‘rare’ server issue). The only debate that’s going on at the moment is the amount of war blessing each league receives. You can see the other thread.