Help: Player Keeps Attacking me 70+ Times in 2.5 Days

Hi Everyone! 

My name is Kellye and I’m the player for OVRSLO. 

I love playing and understand that attacking another players castle is a huge part of the game. 

There is a player that has attacked me 70+ times in the past 2.5 days. Maybe more. A few things to consider: 

  1. She usually does not get all 3 crowns.

  2. I rarely give out much gold.

  3. I went from 1805 trophies to 1434.     Majority of trophies taken from her.

Any suggestions? I’ve tried to friend her and have not attacked her back since. Do I just ride it out or start attacking her?

Thanks and have an awesome day!


try doe make stronger def and he cant beat you and give you trophy :wink:

Another option is to ask others in your alliance to raid the raider. 

Another frequently suggested solution is to drop a lot of trophies and spend excess gold. Or maybe he’s xp farming so hide all your towers and troops so that he gets very little xp for beating you.

Hey @OVRSLO, what is the player’s IGN?

Edit: Send me the name in-game through friend chat

Killabratz @AwesomestKnightest

Hey that’s a great idea! So if I remove my towers then she won’t get many trophies from me? @JiggleFizziks

I’m not at home. Someone is playing for me again. :slight_smile:  @AwesomestKnightest

And players usually don’t get gold from me. Think it might be my trophies. @JiggleFizziks

To clarify if this is trophy related you need to analyze your reports. If you are getting defeated and are losing a lot of trophies - you’re being farmed. If you are winning with a small map progression (~10%) and are gaining trophies - you’re having trophies dumped on you. With the way the game calculates trophies it’s pretty complicated but you could either drop your trophies real low (like to about half of what you have now), or quickly gain a lot of trophies - when you challenge players ~1000 trophies higher than you, you get 0 trophies, for reasons know only to flare. You two are fairly close in trophies so either scenario fits.

It may also be about medals, and they have found an easy enough source to do well in leagues. But this depends if they are winning or not.

About opening your base though (removing towers etc), it won’t stop them from getting trophies, it will stop their experience gain, if that’s what they’re after. As for everything else, an open base will make things easier, as you don’t have to work for it. So if he’s after your trophies, a defenseless base will get him to his goal quicker. Or maybe will get bored with lack of challenge, I dunno.

Can’t really say what this is about, besides that they’re persistent. I wouldn’t bear hitting the same map 70 times in two days. It’s boring enough to hit the same player two-three times a day in wars, let alone 30 times. Some people clearly have too much free time.

I agree! I get bored attacking a player more than two times. I’m really not sure what it’s about especially because she doesn’t get 3 crowns half the time. 

I might have battled her 3-4 times before she started attacking me. I had about 1805 trophies until she started attacking me so she’s taken a lot which is why I winder if it’s trophies she’s after. 

Who knows. Thanks for the input! I really appreciate it. @JiggleFizziks

Yup, just enjoy attacking, but I’d suggest asking members of your alliance to hit him, cause he’ll never stop. Even if I attack him. I’m to much stronger, I don’t get anything from him, so he won’t care if I attack

You could try killing him without troops, or spells even. Being repeatedly defeated at 100% by just a king and his pal might have interesting psychological results. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh that’s a great idea. My girl is pretty strong so I might try it. :slight_smile:   @JiggleFizziks

Ok. I tried it. Her guys are enhanced. Didn’t work. Her castle is much tougher than mine. Lol. But I’m done now. I’m not going to waste me time on her. ? @JiggleFizziks Other things to focus on. Diamond league is up in 55 minutes for me. Might fare well. ?

As a countermeasure

· Become an alliance with a strong boost If donation and your unit is okay。。。Participation is possible (There may be companions to help your revenge there)

・You will immediately bring up the Hero LV(As the Hero level gets bigger, the army also gets bigger)

・Even if it is attacked hundreds of times, it will be arranged so that there is no problem。。。The other side will get bored easily (GOLD · Trophy · Experience · 30 seconds to capture
It is easy・・・It will not come if there is nothing something good)

・While earning GOLD for stealth while strengthening level and trophy and after strengthening upgrade and pearl。。。Start revenge after 3 months

It is a game :wink: :grinning: Let’s enjoy it without thinking seriously

Thanks for the input! I really appreciate it!

My focus is to strengthen my player and keep upgrading my alliance tower so I can join a strong alliance. 

I’ll have to deal for now. But like you said - it’s all fun and games. As it should be. :slight_smile:  @aslan