Help please!

Now I play on a new phone.

Nokia Lumia 625H running Windows Phone 8.1 and 512 MB RAM.

When I downloaded the game, it stopped at the middle and said “Pending” to eternity.

How can I play now?

I also have Nokia Lumia 625, with Windows Phone 8.1 and 512 MB RAM. Sometimes when you want to download something from the store, it does that or says it wasn’t able to download whatever you wanted. For this problem I’ve done a few things:

1- Stop using wi-fi and spend phone credit (yeah a waste, but sometimes it works)

2- Just the opposite as last time, if you’re not connected to a wi-fi network and didn’t notice it, do it xD

3- Turn off and on the phone

Try those and tell me if it worked, hopefully it helps. 

Damn… I tried all but now it´s worse. It doesn´t even download!!! Keep saying Pending and no downloading!!!

The fixes I proposed actually are made for when the game doesn’t even download, in my case it never stopped in the middle, so you might want to try some of them again. If you switch between using wi-fi or not, remember to cancel the download first, change connection source and start it over. If you try that, and doesn’t work, turning off and on the phone is the last option, if that doesn’t work either, then I guess I can’t help you anymore.

Wow, it was solved! Thanks Karman, although I had to waste phone credit xD

Awesome! Glad that it worked

I’ll close this topic as your problem was solved.

See you nex time :grinning: