Help replace item

My item is

Heal: 3520

Resist: 593,9 Fire


Item Granny

Heal: 4113

Resist: 671,5 Ice

Cost: 2M


2M spending to replace the one I have?


Or spend 548 gems that I show in the picture…


RR2Share (1).jpg

I would buy the 2,000,000 in interest of price for total health…

I’d also rather buy the 2m gold armour. Definitely.









Okz… Bought… Thank´s… Is there much difference in life but I do not like ice armor…

I don’t like ice armour either. Though, the ice shield one had around 3-4 times as much shield as the normal shield ones, and normal shield isn’t that helpful either, so the ice shield one might even be better here.

Plus, getting 2m gold is way easier and cheaper (just a few raids basically) than spending over 500 gems. Those two gem-offers are not worth their cost at all here… when buying gear with gems, I’d only buy legendary (golden) gear.

Golden items are not more expensive gem-wise, but a lot better than purple gear, so it more likely stays with you for longer time.

Though, I might just try to save up your gems for a bit later. The levelling progress slows down in higher levels, meaning gems invested into gear at a higher level will generally stay with you a lot longer, as you just gain levels more slowly.


When you can get together enough gold for buying a nice upgrade (around 600hp here) for gold, just go ahead and buy it, it is usually worth it. After all, gold can be aquired WAY more easily than gems!

True, ice shield is usually worth less than fire shield, but the amount of shield got an upgrade here, too, so might not be that bad after all… and while the shield is only helping you once per raid (1k shield = takes 1k damage, then it’s gone), while extra hp help you all the way (as you also can regenerate more). Plus while shield only works against one kind of damage, extra hp help against every kind of damage! :grinning: