HELP: Windows Videos?

Not sure if this is a problem, but just wanted to clarify, are the videos on  the Windows App Store RR2 App working? I think I saw posts saying that the videos work on Windows, but not sure on phone or PC, so need some help to clarify my doubts.

The watch video button is not greyed out, but there seemed to always be ‘no offers at the moment’, which is quite sad…  :slightly_frowning_face:  Is this just a problem with me or everyone on Windows PC have the same issue? Thanks in advance!

Mine are working on a Windows tablet, but I’m careful not to watch too many as it has been claimed that once they run out of offers then it can take a week or more for new ones to appear.

This happened in the early days of the videos and I do not chance it now.


Just watch the free chest and sometimes boost the blacksmith and some farms.

It’s said that it depends on your country. Not in all countries those videos work. To me it never worked, as you mentioned, zero offers. 

Yes country specific too, I assumed you once had them but now they are not working.


So far it is only PC and Tablet anyway, not phones.

Ads are indeed specific to your country. If you had video but it stopped it may also mean that the contract the client had with vungle (or the other on android/apple third party) have ended and there is no more ads to view. 

Where I am, for the past months, I only had one ad. Each time I view a video, it was the same, over and over.

Was the same for me, same ad again and again, just recently have started to see a few more, hopefully a sign of things picking up.

you can read this :

Next time people must learn use the search engine for a question that you can have answer if you search well on the forum

to answer your question depend of your country,ISP and all. There is so many factor I think. For me I am on Windows PC with Windows 10 and that work very well. Very well I cannot said that work very well. That took 2 week after 2.1.0 before my video work. I can watch only 20 video the first time. A cooldown of 2 week. The second time I can watch like 300 video during a month.A cooldown of 2 weeks and I just watched 20 video and I have a cooldown of 2 week again. Now 1 week ago I have watch like 3 video only and again a cooldown of 2 weeks. Depend of the moment sometime that work great and other moment not really. For now since 2.1.0 that working during 1 month really great and after I am trouble to get video since end of April

No videos on Windows phones yet. Flares have declared this officially.

As for tablets and PCs, shamefully, Vungle, the Flares ads provider for windows platform, works only in numerous countries. Most of the chances are that in your country Vungle has no ads. So, the button exists, but it’s useless, unless you travel abroad and take the PC with you…