Help With Possible Bug

So recently I introduced Olympus Rising to my sibling and he installed it on his phone. Lately he has been complaining about the following:

  1. When he tries to go to the “Treasure” option to purchase gems using credit card, the screen goes “blank”.

  2. No option to buy the “Daily Gem” package.

  3. Phone’s screen is “blank” in the “Divine Blessing Donation” area.

We tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game on his phone but the aforementioned problems were still there.









@CaptainMorgan Please help.

@GalaMorgane Please help.


@Chris Please help.

Hey there,

Thank you for reporting this incident. Could you please confirm your platform?

Also, I recommend you to contact support: 

They will be able to assist you the best they can.


THANK YOU for replying @GalaMorgane, I will try that link.

@Sharknado was this problem resolved?

@CaptainMorgan, Yes it has been resolved, however the said account can no longer receive rewards from watching the free video advertisements. We tried restarting the game, the phone and the wifi many times and the rewards do not come.

Has there been more than a week since you have encountered the issue? Due to my corporate network operations, I receive all of the chests in one go every Sunday or by manually connecting to our DMZ server.

Yes, it has been more than a week.

In which case, this is definitely a different sort of bug. Guess I am still the only one then

I think it is, my kid brother doesn’t complain probably because he only plays the game for fun that’s why I haven’t sought help from the devs but it still would be wonderful if this gets fixed. @CaptainMorgan

@Infamous but yours is perfectly working now?

Nope, it works just the same. It is quite useful to be honest, as I can ping the chests whenever I want and not whenever the video is watched (great for time management). I mentioned this long ago, but there is no fix I believe, as the issue probably originates from the firewall of our network.