Help with Vein of Gold XXVIII

I am looking for suggestions for troops, spells, and scrolls to try to complete Vein of Gold XXVIII.

Please keep in mind that the boosts I have available are severely limited. I am a one person alliance, and have no intention to try to join any other alliance for other boosts. The only boosts that I have available are: Blazing Knight, Power Archer, Holy Paladin and Stunning Ogre. I also don’t have any insta troops available.

My troops, spells, scrolls are all maxed, and forged (not heavily forged, only 20 or so forges each).

With all of those limitations, does anyone have any suggestions for attacking Vein of Gold XXVIII

Dungeons cannot be replayed, so i forgot how it looks like. You can check some you tube videos of FTB, Opellez or anyone to get idea on completing this dungeon.

Use timewarp at the start of the battle to build a hughe army. Call your armay back to tent once or twice.
And then use battlecry scrolls when you begin your attack and during your attack. Maybe some mor timewarp scrolls.
Shield, sonic and Hammerstrike or firestorm were good spells for me.
Monks, stunning ogre and maybe knights.

Essential is: timewarp at the start!

I am against this. Timewarp at the start is no useful.
Rather do: Try to create an army at first, Use TimeWarp when the beast comes. Beast is likely to kill your army in seconds, thereby defeating you everytime.
A trick, if you are near the gate, and time is less than 10s left. Make your hero die, RESPAWN, and then, spells and scrolls will be activated again, use timewarp and get victory.

This dungeon have the strongest Howl beast as compared to other dungeons.
USE Ogres, Monks Wolf lik FTB but, I would suggest Irmgard with it.

This combo will work for 1 or two dungeons, and not for all.

Let me even tell you a master combo. It is:
Archers-Monks-Wolf Firestorm-Toxic-SonicBlast with 70%+ speed and a bit fo start morale.
WITH ASKA! This is the most important thing you need to use. Use it to spawn Archers and Monks, then after a while, you need to spawn only werewolfs, which actually dont die at chokepoints due to their high speed. You can even use Hammerstrike instead of Sonic Blast!

This dungeon made me to hate dungeons for a while, but, I completed it afterwards, which took me a month to get a good combo for it.

Make sure, your spells and troops are maxed and boosted, so you can ensure a victory easily.

Buy the double Speed Boots in this Festival, to get even extra speed, so you can use ranged spells even better way! From this dungeon after howl 4, your spells need to be maxed. You cannot play in them without maxed spells.

Good Luck!


There are many ways to clear this dungeon level. I’m sharing the method I used.

My method is for non boosted players, I cleared when the guardians were not released so I did have some tough time clearing this level.

Spells should be maxed and forged well plus gear like omega belt and blizzard items atleast 2 is essential plus heal ring.
Troops - Monks, Froster, Pyromancer/Arblasters
Spells - Blizzard (range to hit the gargoyle tower, I think 6.49 or may be more), Firestorm and Swordrain (Stun helps, plus range to hit a lot of troops)
Pal - Kaiser, if Fritz is used you will need Sonic Blast or HammerStrike

Guardian - Trusty (as its available it will make things easier)

This zone 1 is where the gargoyle tower that kills the troops summoned from tent plus the bomb towers at the extreme left. So in order to have a stead flow of troops the gargoyle tower needs to be taken down. I spent atleast 3 blizzard to take that gargoyle tower, I will hit the blizzard and then move forward and clear the towers at zone 2, when blizzard is recharged I return and hit the gargoyle tower and run forward till the spell recharges till the gargoyle towers are done. Monks are used to heal the king, and frosters are used to slow troops in the opposite lane (frosters are used to reduce the primal howls health before you engage them, so can arblasters).

Once the gargoyle towers are taken down I move forward to zone 3 and take down the heal towers (both at the opposite lane and the one on the lane) using sword rain and at the same time firestorming the firebolt and frost towers meanwhile kaiser destroys the snake tower and spikes and anything in its range to its potential.

Zone 4,The turn is where you have to have firestorm and swordrain charged so you reach the turn hit the sword rain stunning the towers while firestorming them while kaiser uses the sonic blast. This way the corner is cleared reaching the siege point. The howl beast is released from the castle make sure you have blizzard prepared and it will take 2 blizzards and may be one more if your frosters/arblasters havnt engaged cross lane, If you have low time just ignore the beast but be quick and you can move forward to clear the rest of the towers and blockades and reach the castle gate kaiser helps you with clearing the towers, but make sure its level 8.

This is not the best method but its possible and I have fought this dungeon many times with this method.

If you use trusty you can save a lot of time and do a lot of damage to the first gargoyle tower, so a trusty activation + one blizzard might be good to take down the gargoyle tower and the second activation save it for the howl beast. If you use fritz it would help you with howl make sure you have sonic blast or hammer strike to take down the towers, but you wont be able to finish the gargoyle tower at the start so gathering troops and calling forward by scream can help plus some insta troops. Boosted troops will help a lot, but can be done without them too.

You can come up with your own combination. Its been a while since I’ve played so might have forgotten many things. This level was frustrating and tough for me though lol.


So cool to see you guys sharing such in-depth advice! :star_struck:

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There is a fifth deadly place after 4, and it is 5. It is on the opposite path with Gargolues and Heal towers, which kill all units and even hero, at 3. It needs to be taken down with Blizzard or Trusty as soon as possible!

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:star_struck: Thank you :smiley:

Good observation, kinda forgot how I managed that part, probably swordrain stunned that place and pulled troops forward or used blizzard to slow down and moved forward.

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Thank you for all of the suggestions!

Ahh, just time warp thru the whole thing and donate your gems​:grin::grin::grin:

I used Trusty+Blizzard to knock them down in one shot.

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Would it be possible to reopen the dungeons?
They were unnecessarily closed and the medals could simply be removed for passing them.
thank you have a nice day.

Thanks again for all the suggestions. I used parts of just about everyone’s suggestions and completed this dungeon on the first try.


I noticed you donate only 250k. I suggest to farm gems and to upgrade towards the maximum level your alliance tower (higher is its level, shorter will be intervals to use insta troops in a single battle). In addition, you can add friends. Moreover, you have to rise your alliance level to unlock other elite boosts. Remember to maximize all your towers, obstacles and waves. In festivals, I advice you to buy farm tokens, gold tokens, insta troop tokens, upgrade tokens (if you haven’t all your towers, obstacles and waves maxed), medal tokens and donation tokens. To farm pearls, I recommend to use a mix between luck gear and farm gear and to attack beginners. Opponents are often attracted by gold, thus you should fill your chamber of treasure before going offline. In that way, you will have more chances to receive gems from their scrolls and revives. Let’s go on forgings, not only to your spells and units, but also to your towers and obstacles. Furthermore, you should equip your runes to your units, spells, towers and obstacles. I checked your base and your towers seem maxed or almost. However, you can improve in the following way. Your spikes and some of your blockades are in the opposite part of the path: I advice to move them or to replace them with jester boxes.