help your players!!!!

Flare Games,

Your players/customers are unable to play the game. Those that try lose more trophies than they can gain due to game crashes. Fury is lost during war due to these crashes. What is your plan to help your players. Lost trophies mean lower rank and less Titian points. Lost fury means less points earned and a lesser chance at earning Titian chests… What are YOU going to do the repay your valued customers for the issues with YOUR game? 

Dear Flare,

It’s pretty hard to fight the evil empire (Seal/TL/WE alliance) 1 v 3 when your game keeps bloody crashing and eating people’s fury. 


The Rebels

I bet if the issue was with purchasing gems they would have a fix in place as soon as it was reported! Fix these game play issues: game crashes on iOS devices, units/heros in game not working properly, game chat not working, reward player impacted by your glitches, and post an update on anything…not addressing the issue in hopes it will go away is NOT acceptable!