Helping Pouria to set a new record

Hey guys, Pouria is trying to set a new record in trophies.

If anyone feels generous, give him a hand by dropping trophies if you see him on your map, he will be happy. The aim is at least 28k trophies!

Thanks in advance for all charitable souls out there!

He already has it coming  :angry: , let him appear.

How worth is a  record made begging ?                                                                        


 You can count on my help Pouria you’re the guy. ???

No, the aim is 84k!

Pouria + Alysea + Máni = 84k 

Is she playing Pouria again?

WAIT WHAT, Pouria, Alysea and Mani are 1 person? Gosh damn.

Pouria is a real person, but he’s taken extended breaks from the game before and had other people play his account. Sounds like this is one of those times again. 

@Sharknado Nah, that trio is a co-op dream team.

??, con mucho gusto te ayudare ?

???Go Pouria???

Retreated 3 times and gave him 15 trophies per retreat and then he was gone from the map.

I am also going for the 14k trophies to boost my Pheme.good luck Pouria and stay strong bro.


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Orthodox brothers

With the latest Trophy system tweak, it’s possible to get 30K.

Can you guys set a new record of 30K+30K+30K=90K?!