Hephaestus Vault

The vault doesn’t seem random and there is very little to do with which one you pick

Ex. Max gold for me is 12m. Let’s say I’m at 11,950,00 gold when I start a battle. My alliance bonus gives me 100k+ and should put me at max going into the vault. However instead of giving me 100k+, Alliance bonus will give like 20k and then the chests I pick will make up the remainder till I’m maxed. How did the game know I would of picked the chests with gold in them if it was random?

Also it seems I get more often than not the bottom three chests in one vault opening 

Seems it’s not as random as I thought

anyone else seeing this?

Definitely not random.

Just cleverly programed to make you think you should spend gems to open them all. :wink:  


If you have 11,950,00 / 12,000,000 Gold and your Hall of Fame Bonus + Alliance Bonus would give you up to 100,000 Gold for a battle, the game will say “Limited rewards! Chamber too small” just before you go into battle. In this exmaple you will only be able to gain up to 50,000 Gold because that’s exactly how much more your Chamber can store. To get these 50,000 you have to win the battle with 100%. If you only reach 50%, your reward will be cut in half as usual (25,000 in this case).

The game makes sure that you cannot find any resources in the Vault which you have no storage for. The chests cannot contain any Gold if your Chamber is full at the time when you enter the Vault. They will contain other rewards (such as Ambrosia, Wisdom or Dominance) instead. The only way I can imganine that what you have described could happen is you not getting a battle result of 100% (e.g. by not beating the Gate), thus not gaining the maximum Gold you could get in this battle and therefore having a bit of storage left which makes it possible to find Gold in the Vault which then filled up your storage to the maximum.

Regarding the randomness of the chests in the Vault:
The chances of finding higher rarity rewards increase with the number of chests you open. So if you only open 2 chests (because you didn’t beat the Gate) you will mostly only find lower rarity rewards. The third chest already has a higher chance to contain higher rarity rewards and the last 3 chests have even better chances. It is actually the case that every chest can contain a Godlike reward, it is just very unlikely, especially for the first chests.

TLDR: There is no conspiracy here, simply “the more chests you open the higher your chances of getting better rewards”.
Spending Gems to open all chests in the Vault is actually a really good deal if you are in need of resources, especially when you compare it to buying them directly :grinning:


Thanks for sharing info. :grinning:

You’re saying that there is a (small) chance that all chests contain a godlike reward.

But how to understand the 6 chests at the bottom right then? I always thought that meant there were in total 2 greys, 2 blues, 1 purple and 1 gold.

Doesn’t it?


Not true. If you have 11,950,00 / 12,000,000 Gold the game will warn you before battle that “Limited rewards! Chamber too small”, but if you still do the attack and win 100% the gold reward will shrink so that you do not reach the limit and if you find gold in vaults the amount will be also shrink so you do not reach full gold. 

Also when the vaults are presented to you the reward in them are not determined. The reward is generated when you actually open the vault. So what people is saying is that after you opened 3 vaults and you do not choose the option to open rest 3 vaults the results that are presented to you as missing rewards because you did not used gems are fake as they would not been actual rewards you would get if you would use gems to open.

That’s right. What I was saying is that when all stars align just right, all the chest icons at the bottom right can be golden (Godlike). You know, how you sometimes see 2 or even 3 Godlike chests. All of them being Godlike is just highly improbable.

Howdy Chris,

I completed it with 100%

instead of giving me 100k, and maxing me out before I go into the vault it will give around 20-30k and I’ll get the remainder from chests for max

its just weird that it is split like that, would rather get my full gold reward for completing an attack and have the chests give other items like ambro ?


but why we cant find prestige in the chests of hephaistos vault?

:wink: :wink:

Impossible! Photoshopped :slight_smile:

So… Did you spend the gems to open them all? :wink:  

yes, this was after i beat a player in a high level island, hoped to get some gems or godlike items but… 

The max gold chests I’ve had are 2. The rewards vary and can be nice at times, especially when spending gems to open all.   Otherwise, 99% of the time I get the bottom three.  Uncanny?

If a reward is purchased, it’s a transaction.  If it’s earned its a reward; a benefit of work, time and effort.  Not unreasonable in a game that requires all three plus $$$ now and then.   

At this very moment my gold, ambrosia and wisdom are maxed out. I have noticed the amount of green chests increasing. I had 5 green and one gold a short while ago. The grey chests pop up more then I would like.  

Spending gems to open all chests assures I will get the gold items or good gems reward.  That needs serious work. 

Rank should increase chances of opening purple or gold. For every player, an increase in rank could add some sort of “luck” with the the chests.  Perhaps adding “luck” to talismans and rings  

My concern is when I earn the 4th key will more green and grey chests appear and, I suspect I will open the lowers ones.  For me, the 4th key may have little benefit.