Here is your compensation....

" As a token of our appreciation for your patience and understanding, we have decided to credit all participants with a special reward at the end of the event. 
It consists of a bonus Uber Chest and Gems, enabling you to purchase up to two additional ninjas or anything else you might wish to spend them on. "

So instead of getting 6 uber chest for first place, my two CoF crashes will get me ONE uber and some gems. 

You can keep your event. Won’t spend any gems on this crap.


@Alysea If I open that uber chest tomorrow after event has started, will I get a unique item from that. Would be good if you could confirm this.

well jlare messes up and gives us a rubber chicken to compensate…the jokes on us…we r fools

I lost 9 ubers due to a crash and get compensated 1 woho bullshit 

You might get a Unique item today as well. The chances will be the same, as the chest has been received outside of the event.

The compensation is made so you can get additional ninjas if you wish to, and do not have the maximum amount yet.

Thanks for the compensation… 1 uber n 200 gems is okk. ? thanks again


i play on wingows …we get vidios now…i think its time to watch them better and find a new game

on Windows i had no problems in the event (the first time lol ?)

Thank you flare… A generous gesture… I know 200 gems and an Uber for all the participants is a burden… We appreciate it 

I didn’t expect any compensation so I’m actually happy for one free uber chests and 200 gems. Really hope next event will be more fair and free of bugs :slight_smile:

Something is better than nothing

I didnt even play and got the chest and gems, happy :slight_smile:

Really hope all issues will be solved next time! And good luck finding a better game gypsy, I tried for about a year and failed lol

at fii…just shows you how well flare thought out compensation…it cost you nothing and you r gifted…we played…they messed up …theygive us a penny

I think this compensation is completely fine, but those crashes are absolutely something to fix.

If you spent less than 200 gems and you were in the 4000-4499 league or less you are actually getting more than you could have. 

But in the 4500-4999 league, the first place was giving SIX uber chest. So I’m still missing 5 uber chest and about 100 gems since I spent almost 300 gems.

yes karman if you r a free player you wer gifted…if you r a paying player you are cheated…so flare has pleased free players  at the expense pf paying players…

Wow lots of satisfied players.
Thanks these weak ninja -_-


Then a different compensation per tier would have been more realistic I see…

The compensation already differs per tier actually.

The amount of gems has been scaled and depending on your tier, you received a different amount, allowing you to purchase 2 ninjas. (the price of the ninjas varying from one tier to another)