Here it comes: Alliance Wars

See facebook.

2 things will happen. Top alliances will become even stronger, and of course more ways to spend gems.


That’s what I see coming. I hope they make them competitive for everyone. Can’t rely on sheer strength but also on strategy and cleverness. If not, I see my interest waning rather than increasing. But hopefully it adds a lot of variety of play that gives room for everyone to flourish in some way, even low level alliances.

I am afraid of that as well. It will be similar to when they increased the member cap to 55…only those guys already on top benefited from it. That being said…im still stoked about it. There is always a chance that Flare will get it right for once :wink:

I’m in a top 30 alliance, and something tells me they’ll be funneling gems/rewards to top 5 alliances. How is that any fun for the rest of us? This game is built around creativity–creative tower placement, creative waves, creative attack. At least it was until all the N bases appeared, then it became redundant. I no longer have to solve a base–I just have to break stuff. So hopefully alliance wars are about creativity rather than just brute force.


Same here, I am also a top 30 and felt cheated with the last update or two, which favored only like the top 5, and left the rest of us in the dust.

I mean, I can see giving our veteran players something to work for…but it should not come at the cost of everyone else. Still excited to see what this new update brings tho…Does anyone have an estimated time we can expect to see it?

Looks interesting, but I think this new update just like others. Need more gems…