Here we are again:Ruin the defense

Don’t you think is this another way to ruin the defense? I think so. Flare can add 1283839489 levels in this game but behind there’s always the same problem:the balance. 

What’s the problem? The problem is those insta knights. Knights are the most used unit in this game. Since the concept of insta troops is almost the same why add such a season boost? 

Further more the result of this season boost make the chokepoint more useless. How? We know, The chokepoint block the army and slowdown units. Now it doesn’t block anymore knights,the fuel of the army,since knights are spawn close to the hero. Also the problem is that this boost can be a serious and critical problem for next war,since strong bases can be raided easily. And obviously alliances will prolong it,making the whole war totally meaningless on the defensive side. This game is not based on skills anymore,we all know that. But in this way the defense is like a pointless concept even more. If i opened my base for next war would be better i guess. 

Flare, instead of make the game unbalanced with the introduction of this season boosts,why don’t you remove them? Everytime there’s always an imbalance due to those season boosts.

Porco XXX Sempre con sti lamenti del cazzo. Pensa a quelli che non hanno tutti questi boost. Per forza uno deve gemmare ? Diveriti e basta. 

Well,they may be stupid complaints but you know they are the reality of this game. And the main problem during each war. Since everyone in war want to be competitive this is not the perfect way to make the defense appropriate for wars.

Il problema non sono i Insta Knights. Sto gioco a tanti pronlemi. Per elencare tutti i problemi ci metterei dei mesi . “Skull bonus during Alliance War” Mega P2W. Perks destroy the Game Balance. Cosa fa flare?Aumenta i livelli dei Torri ecc ?.  Cosi sposti solo i problemi ma non gli risolvi.

Non dimenticare a flare interessa fare solo ???

I agree. Instead of giving one offensive troop boost in the war seasons, they should provide one  defensive troop boost (cannot be used in offense) or only towers & barricades boost for the wars. That way defense will be strong. One more suggestion: Provide burst bomber in elite boost so that it is available all the time.

I know the main aim of Flare. But sadly we can only as community spread our disagreements towards this game. We have the right to complain in order to make this game better. From these little problems start the huge ones. 

Yup, this is one of the main problem in this game. Though, I must admit, it is nice to have new different types of boosts that you can play with for a limited time, sometimes it is even nice when you have OP offense boost and you can crack with ease any base and you don’t need to worry about scrolling during  hard wars but of course, at the same time your base is getting cracked with ease, no matter what you do, no matter how much you try, even recently introduced new levels of defence buildings don’t help here. This is very problematic aspect of this game, one war you get a defensive boost and nothing good for offence, another war, like this one for example, we get frost tower boost which does nothing and awesome insta knights. It is hard to talk about the balance here, the only balance we can face if off war season. However, it is quite understandable, how on earth you can balance in a nice way the game if you have so many different boosts, for offense, for defense, how to balance all of the special boosts that come in different combination each war season among all players’ levels ? Not possible in my opinion.

You got exactly what i said. There’s no balance with these season boosts and add new levels for everything is pointless since the issue is at the bottom. It would be good if Flare added an useful season boost both for offense and defense. The current one is like useless since frost tower is not used so much among players. Every war season Flare privileges the offense rather the defense and vice versa. This is the worst way to make a game balanced. 

Yes, you are right and I agree with you. But in my opinion it cannot be balanced anymore, the only solution would be to get rid of those special boosts and also maybe the rest of the boosts as well. As much as I enjoy them they all are a part of the problem. We can dream about the balance if all alliances, all the players had the same set of boosts but it doesn’t happen anymore. Even without special war boosts the problem still exists with war boosts which one day you have, the other day they are gone. Sometimes if you happen not having some war boosts your defense sucks no matter what, sometimes you can crack any base if you have one specific war boost. Of course I’m exaggerating a bit as there is still some raiding skill aspects. Generally speaking, special war boosts are the biggest problem of inbalance in this game, later on the list there are standard war boosts (we all know how war system works, how not many alliances can afford wining all boosts and can afford prolonging all of them or how alliances avoide one war to have more chance next war, how boring it can be etc etc). Standard boosts look more or less balanaced to me, there are specific boosts that almost all alliances have or are aiming for. I guess most of us who are here quite a long time miss those days without any boosts, when your skills and level of defense made a huge impact on the game. But at the same time, probably most of us wouldn’t be playing the game that long without introducing all the new boosts at some point. The issue is very problematic, and unfortunately, because it is so complex I’m afraid we cannot count on Flare trying to put some work into it, I guess introducing something brand new to the game, or focusing more on new games is easier than puting time and effort into finding a solution for an old game mechanism that’s been here for such a long time.


design L shape defence with static towers with firebolt towers on side A put bomber towers & skull tower/gragoyal towers in side B

set foster traps and blockage…

keep most of the waves for gragoyale

Darkkaos, remember forums rules are to speak English, I’d like to try to answer to you in italian to practice it, but simply I can’t :stuck_out_tongue:  

And I agree with both Cam and Mag.

By the way, I appreciate KeyMen’s suggestions for defense against those knights…

The solution would be to remove special season boosts forever. But that would change the situation just a little. This is a serious problem and before the war the issue returns everytime. It would be good if those special boosts can’t be prolonged. It would be an huge step ahead.

I don’t know, season boosts are completely fine, they add variety to each war season, but it’s true that sometimes those boosts mess up the balance. I think prolonging those boosts is fine too as it can be just for that season.

I agree to this suggestion. There should be a balance of boost In offence and defence. 

Events end, season boosts end, extending boosts end. Everything is temporary. Just make the max benefit of them.

Game is not balanced anyway and will never be. Just try to abuse it and to make it unbalanced in your favor.

Flaregames never roll back anything. Unfortunately…


Since Flare’s logic is to add new levels for everything i expect they will add new levels soon  :lol: :lol: :lol: For Flare the balance is: “ADD NEW 918809032717987132871 LEVELS” . :huh:

Hehe I hope not, it seems that adding those levels wasn’t actually very useful to balance defense.

The only balance that will be good is the money balance of flare :slight_smile:

One level extra for towers to balance the defense, but it takes a lot of gold, so players have to buy protection for treasurechamber.

Sadly it is the same over and over again, in the beginning the balance was good, not excellent. And with to many upgrades and addings, the balance is no where…

The players who are enjoying the upgrades and addings are the players who spend a lot of money.

If Flare as the only solution adds new levels for everything,we’ll get 20 levels more for each buildings by the end of 2016. Trust me but paying players may be “happy” (is not a pleasure spending money for a game) for new levels only cause for them is an habit spending money. Financing the game is a one thing,while wasting money just to be the stronger one is another thing. Everything have its own limit.