Here's the Current Situation of The "Update"

So Anyone who uses facebook and a member of the biggest rr2 group might knows that a group has started protest because they don’t like the changes? Which Changes? The Overpowered Ceres and Donations of the ticket , Okay Maybe they are right because not everyone has aska and tons of money… Neither I have…?

I just wanna say in between pc users there are some Android user facing a stupid issue, But you guyz saying nothing to both.! You don’t care anyone. You don’t care PL is going on and Android users facing touch unresponsiveness issue, we can’t do Any fight including PL…so plz at least say something?

Plz fix the issue or Close the company, Do you even know how frustrating is it?

Many of us filed a ticket and forums are full of bugs but?

Sorry for any mistake, my english is bad

Completely right. The most annoying bug in RR2 history. At least they might say that they are working on or trying to find the source of the problem. We cant raid with this. Sometimes we lose by 4-5% in easy bases… Besides, there is a PL event going on. 

Pretty sure this bug has been reported in the 4.0 Bug Megathread, so it’s probably on flare’s to-do list of fixing bugs. When they come out with another bug fix, which, hopefully, is soon, this problem will most likely be fixed

There’s a Pl going on so I just want them to fix it before pl ends as i don’t want to waste my ticket and monthly score?