Here's what we should all do

So after all the balances that were made a few days ago in the Server Update, there was an explosion that went off on the forums. The topic of balances is still a hot discussion, however, it has slowed down a bit. What we need to do, is just be patient. Tomorrow we will experience the first Conquest Mode, and if all goes well, which I really hope it does, as it seems like a really cool new feature, hopefully most players will stay in the game to play a worthwhile new game mode. Of course, everyone still has to get used to the balances, but I believe that if we all make an effort to get used to these balances, no matter how dramatic we think they may be, we will be able to play the game and have fun as we used to, along with enjoying the all-new game mode! 

Of course the key to the survival of this game is new people
It is a pleasant environment for them (as well as us) to attract them.



Agreed.  What ever happens.  I am glad rr2 is alive after 4 years.  I am a regular 2.99$ gem buyer since I don’t have time for diamond or platinum leagues.  So I am happy to pay a bit for my entertainment.   


All the best to all for tomorrow.   Exciting day indeed

I think most people are quite because there isn’t much point in saying the same thing over again. We will see how conquest goes. I personally think a lot of people will not be happy with it. Ninja started out with ninja coins in CoF and gems to skip every island. I’m sure there will be ways to spend money in conquest too.

FG want you all to quit playing this game, that’s why this v4 update (+intermittent bugs) is such a big punch in players’ face. After satisfied with our purchases, FG is going to kill this game, by driving away its players.
It’s old enough, time to move on leave this old crap.

Yep. Complayning will probably change nothing. Is you want to play just play. Not everyone must be the best. I’am VERY average player and have to live with that. Better to loose then buy and spend gems for combat. FG cut off p2W and very skilled players from the rest and all have to live with it. Maybe it is good, maybe not. I just hope that this conquest engine will also take this separation into account.

Flare will never end P2W. You still have scrolls. They will never get nerfed.

And It is very good. It’s up to you to use them or not. In time gap between scrolling and non scrolling users will grow. I don’t mind playing low. And I understand FG, this is not a charity institution :slight_smile:

Why I hope that cool down can’t be skipped by using gems and energy can’t be refilled by using gems and I already feel it’s the opposite (so it’s possible) during conquests. 

Let’s wait and see, within an hour we have that answer.


I REALLY dont mind when FG experiments with new events because they r all well-designed …and BEST of all… if something goes wrong they always shower us with TONS of free gems as a compensation ?

Never forget: Like the time when the ninja event got screwed and everybody had free pearls & chests as compensation except those that actually ended first place.

I still remember first ninja event. I was on vacation and waited for it’s start. A huge fail, so the first ninja event was aborted. during the second one, there were huge cool own times between the levels. Later they changed that.

So this conquest we can see as an experiment. There will be no doubt rough edges that need to be adapted, but that’s normal. I only hope it’s not extremely time demanding. I mean, that there are wars, fine, but players should have enough time to anticipate/respond. I hope that’s where those supreme war conditions will be created for. To give players enough time to respond and raid (when participating in a war).

No worries everyone :-) I think FG will invest on RR2 for a VERY long time !!! I have no idea if gem purchases r up or down but I m sure they still make good money from the ads we click on to get the free staff. RR2 is FG’s flagship (cash cow—maybe star)

All FG games r good …my only worries r the 2 idle-rpg games non-stop knight and the other with chuck norris…generally speaking, idle games r such a boring genre.

FG should definitelly invest on dawn of steel…it s SUCH a UNIQUE game, I havent seen any other mobile game like that, and should diferrentiate OR from RR2. I think OR can become FG’s second flagship, they REALLY know the reverse castle defence game category… and of course… u can never go wrong with Greek Mythology…by the way …where r the Spartans!!! …where is Leonidas???..Helen of Troy as a mythical hero???..REALLY???..I think somebody from FG’s creative team has been sleeping during Greek Mythology classes ?