hero back on the Olympus

@CaptainMorgan a member of my alliance return the heroes back on the Olympus without having suffered attacks, please check, thanks

P.S. if someone else has this problem, write it here

He might have been attacked while he was switching his defense. 

I asked if he had changed defenses or improved some structure but none of this happened and 10 minutes ago without suffering attacks Artemide has returned back to Olympus

And not Zeus or hades either, right?

This happens to me… without any attack, Artemis comes back to the island… same goes for Achilles… @CaptainMorgan and also while offensive, I have been robbed of trophies (twice -12*2=24), though I have broken the gate successfully… 

You were running out of time…

That’s why I’ve suggested this to be implemented:


Yes , I noticed something like this yesterday,

When Odysseus came to mount olpymus

Even When I do not see any new attack on battle log.

@Madlen can you pass this info to developers.