Hero buff

Hello Olympians,

With some luck and lots of time dedicated to forging, you can build powerful Heroes. But some of them are still weak and pretty useless against tough defenses.

Hopefully this poll will help the devs.

Mh, only one selection possible? There are more than one. 

@PanicMind I thought about that too, as I have problems with 3-4 Heroes, but I’m afraid some members would select more than 7 choices, which would dilute the need and alter the poll.

If I receive more requests for multiple selections, I’ll change the option to do so.

Or they can simply write the names of said heroes here and the data may be manually typed into the poll. We will be lucky to get 30 responses here after all, so that is not that much work.

My take is that we all know the culprits here


By the way an interesting topic you have created @Tomaxo

Looking forward to the reaction from @CaptainMorgan and his/her team.

Are we talking about overall buff or late game buff (ascension levels 110+) because in a late game buff poll, Ajax and Athena win hands down. :wink:

How about a nerf also? I vote Perseus. :wink:


I voted for Athena, but Ajax needs a buff way more. However, I really enjoy Athena’s game and dislike Ajax’s, so I don’t really care if he gets buffed that much.

@CaptainMorgan please give us back Athena pre-nerf with the 80% damage bonus, 2 lvl of leadership as it was before and the fist of power as before

Well it is strange that with Atleast three 90% Resistence I feel Ajax is unbeatable ?I only find it hard to kill defenders with 90% physical resistance and lot more of life on hit with him.Apart from that if he is provided with good items than he is good just like any other hero(yeah I know you can’t use Damocles or Pheme with him m but I am not bothered with it).Although I still love to see him get some boost and love from the Flaregames and OR community though?.Then I will use Him even more??? .

For Athena yeah I can’t Destroy gate of Appollo on time without good resistance,potency and especially Demoliation items and it is a complete pain to find new items after every three or four ascension level gain.???


What even her fist of power was strong??? before Nerf.

I vote Ajax because I like him. Before the Nyx he was really strong. I use him a lots. After the Nyx + Helios have appear Ajax becoming weak and useless. I like him because he is a copy of the barbarian in Diablo 2 and 3 with the whirldwind and shield slam. Athena I don’t have test her enough before I quit the game so. If the poll was multi choice probably I have vote for Prometheus and Cadmus

Well I guess flaregames should have removed ???  Athena from the heros’ rooster at all instead of taking away her three passive bonuses.

What 's your take on this thought @CaptainMorgan ??? then at least you won’t be getting pings and spams from us stating same thing over and over again that Athena is now weakest heroine in the enitre game.

I do not remember the value, but it was stronger

Are you kidding Bro Cadmus and Prometheus,I can easily do Nine skull oddyseys wirh these two heroes .Unfortunately at the moment the best I can do Is nine skull so haven’t tested any hero on 10 skull yet? but I am sure It should be a no problem as long as I equip them with good items.

My all heroes are at level 20 and I always use different hero for a raid or alliance wars.

@Warriornator I’m sorry you could not see Athena as she was before, it was really nice to play with Athena pre nerf 

@HOLYDIVINE Maybe just bad luck. Never got good items for both of them. they was always behind in stats. When I have reach Ascension 105 Cadmus and Prometheus still have the stats of Hero in Ascension 80. the game refused to give items for them. for the others no problem to find huge items but for Cadmus and Prometheus never or very rare I have find something good. Same the Titan items was crap. Its possible if the game have giving me the same like the others my mind can change but the moment I have play this game. Prometheus and Cadmus was just good for a 5 skulls in Odyssey and not more

Yeah I know it is a pain to find good euipments for all twelve heroes after gaining an ascension level.???

But @AK47NAPC Says His Prometheus can easily do 10 skull without any difficulty and @dumpster just loves Cadmus as He/She is nuts about Him.

Hell no what if developers decided to raise the defense levels even more in any future update then the forum will be filled with the outcry of the various gamers about Perseus nerf as everyone is now crying over the nerfs of Ajax and Athena.

And Please! Please! Don’t even mention say such thing again are you trying to give me a stroke???.Hell yeah I love persues the way he is now ,no more boost or nerf for Him,Please don’t even put such nasty idea in the heads of developers.?

By the way I am too young to die from the stroke??? but if Flaregames decide to nerf Persues then yeah I might.???