Hero buff

The real truth is that Zeus is the weakest hero currently, but nobody cares. 

Agree, maybe he’s only a demigod now , without perks, cooldown bonus and all … stopping time for few sec isn’t much …and he dies a lot

Why would someone care, given that Gods are of a little use for being anything but immovable RSS harvesters (Sure, they can nuke something once or twice a day, but given the overall number of matches one does during a day, this is not gamechanging)

Well, probably because we have to pay gems for the priveldge to use them, and then more gems to use them more often.  It would be nice if they weren’t useless.  Hades is ok, but Zeus is terrible. If I could opt out of the 3 celestial boost tiers I would. 

It would be nice if there wasnt a 24h cd on them then, thats what I am actually saying there

Athena need extra power damage

Hades is still the best no one can beat him… 

I think Hercules is the weakest hero Plz vote for him I want a nice buff on him and his Scylla…

Hercules weak? you don’t play the same game then… nobody have vote for Hercule because like Perseus,Helen of Troy,etc… they are insane if you give them Titan 5 stars full equip. You can beat a base in 1 minute or less. I talk about without any boost. If you give him 3 boost he is unstoppable

You’re missing the “None” option in your poll… at least until defenses get stronger :slight_smile:

Stronger for what level? They feel very (un)balanced towards hard till you are all the way inside 120+ lvled realm


Maybe make it 12hr or better yet 6 hours.

I guess, but I’d still never use Zeus. The only time people fail my defense is when they’re using Zeus. He is hands down the weakest hero right now. 

I agree that defenses need to get stronger, but for the odyssey there are a couple of heroes who could stand to be buffed. 

Or the odyssey could be balanced better. That’s probably a much better solution. 

This is the unintended consequence of the rebalancing the devs did when they added new defensive levels (the “equipment nerf”). I said at the time that it would be a problem (loudly and obnoxiously) and here we go. They chose basically the single worst way possible to address a balance issue. 

I do not believe that Hercules is the weakest hero, but what he says AK47NAPC makes sense since Hercules suffered in an indirect nerf very heavy, in fact when the gate of Apollo was made immune to the demolition power and frost, the  Hercules unique items and as a result he too suffered a severe blow

P.S. @AK47NAPC I do not know if Ade can beat your defender, because he’s really strong and smart, even MrCouPer has an excellent defender

I just kidding so that everyone vote for him? 

My Hercules is almighty and can kill almost 90% Gatekeeper solo … i needed buff for rest 10%? 

And his Scylla is nerfed by 24% ? … 

He is immortal on base but can die infront of the killer Gatekeeper…


But on a serious note then few changes should be done with spells and Athena spell is very weak ; Prometheus fire can’t reach corner NYX and Artemis sometimes miss her shots on NYX or the spell Don’t reach there…

I agree, if I’m not mistaken the fist of power has been reduced by 50%

Don’t know exactly how much it is reduced but it is usless against anything only good to stun for a couple of seconds… 

Pheme was awsm when introduced in starting but they nerfed it alot and also took away lighting damage from it … I am not in support of lighting damage as it becomes overpowered but little increase in damage will be nice…

Both of the lightning-based spells could use a buff. Siren would be really fun to play with, but even at max level it just doesn’t do enough damage. Considering how few structures and units are weak to lightning, you would think that it (and fist of power) would at least do similar damage to Damocles. Honestly, for me to want to use it, it should do similar damage to talos.  It has medium-length cooldown, but does low damage. Okeanos does low damage, too,  but okeanos has very fast cooldown and lots of things are weak to ice. Siren just…sucks. 

Hercules - ok

Prometheus - Hp 

Perseus - Damage + CD 

Ariadne - HP

Odysseus - Attack Speed + CD 

Helen - ok

Cadmus - Attack Speed + CD 

Achilles - Attack Speed + CD 

Jason - ok

Athena - Damage + CD 

Ajax - CD 

Artemis - CD 

Having unique items or cursed ones, every hero can become overpowered. We should test these heroes without such items and get a better opinion about them. So my vote went for Perseus as he has a lot of attack speed and speed aswell but when it comes to Cooldown, his main spell needs a buff, also the damage that he does to the structures, it feels like he hits air also other heroes feel useless in front of a blessed defense, can’t even imagine in front of an unbeatable statue, so CD and damage are the main perks that need a buff, for every hero but especially for Ajax since he can’t use other spells.

P.s we can forge and forge stuff but still we lack few perks in our heroes as we can’t mount everything, for instance, if I need Loh + CD, then I miss Attack Speed/stun/petrify…just saying, so if their main spell could be buffed a bit with that CD then yes it will become interesting.