Hero buff

@Neptune  Select mastery according to your heroes then instead of just focusing on Gatekeeper … Every hero at max is good without any special gears as such no big changes are required just few spells must be boosted …

Persues Don’t need any buff he is already overpowered with even cursed items

You think Cadmus needs more than the +10% CD he already has? I think that’s pretty good.

Remember that his Dragon Tooth gets faster as you level it up, so if you haven’t maxed it out yet you should try that.

Ok done.



Spells is so good fist of power is low damage, oceanos have good damage 

Oceanos is fine. It does low damage but you can fire it fast and 3 towers (and the gate) are very weak to it. 

Fist of power and siren are much weaker in comparison. Fist isn’t *that* bad, but Athena is so weak overall that it’s not helping. Siren is the worst spell not named Charge or Whirlwind. 

Siren Spell is Good? can break maxed boosted nyx in two shots … You can even use that spell on L shaped defence it works great although many players don’t even upgrade it and Never use it?

Talos can break a nyx in one, and barricades, gate, Poseidon towers and Artemis towers are also weak against it.  If you have to run all the way around to the back side of a Helios tower and then wait to cast 2 Sirens to kill a single Nyx tower you’ve probably already lost. 

I have max level siren and even some odyssey buff on it, and it’s the worst regular spell in the game. It needs Damocles range or more damage to be useful. 

… or significantly shorter cool-down.

That could be interesting, too. 

I think the key problem of Zeus is the cool down. Because even he is as strong as Hades, when you can’t use him often, is he strong or not doesn’t really matter. 1 or 2 battles per day won’t change anything…

@dumpster Your comments are the best as the devs gave some buff to Athena, Ajax, Zeus and Hades last week.

I’m happy as I voted for Athena.

I just hope one day we can bring Zeus and Hades to War because right now they’re soooooo  lazy. What’s the purpose to buff them to let them guard the islands only?

Don’t know why developers decided to reduce Athena’s Morale bar even lower than before.I am not happy with that decision.

From now won’t be using her in wars again???

What is more confusing is @CaptainMorgan 's claim that Athena is overpowred and can take on bases solo???

@CaptainMorgan can you post the Vedios of your test result in which you are claiming that Athena can storm bases on solo because whenever I am doing that with her now she is dying three four time and I am losing.???

Now if we have poll who is the most weakest hero in the game.I will vote for Athena.

Seriously my all other heroes are far better than her and reliable not say the least.

Forge her items and you will find out that she now is very strong! Sure, morale reduction may be a problem at the start of a raid, but as soon as she is on her way she is doing more than fine now. I still have 4 or 5 heroes that I like more than her but that has more to do with my play style and with better forgings on the other heroes than with her own strength.

She’s much better now. I was realizing over the weekend that one of her major flaws now is first of power. When you compare it to hydra, which is the other direct- damage unique spell, it does a fraction of the damage. I’d argue that poison is a more useful brand, as well. Fist needs a damage boost, range boost, or both. Same with Siren. The two lightning based spells are both underpowered.

Agreed her first spell is perhaps the most useless spell in the enitre game.I wiuld prefer siren over it and the decision to reduce her morale bar was pretty bad.

Also I would like to ask something @dumpster and @AlterPapi do you guys yse her on raids or alliance wars.

I have been using her lot prior to this update but now I can’t kill overpowred defenders with her.She just don’t have enough army to support her on the Gate.

But anyways does not matter ,Everytime Flaregames changes her stats they nerf badly.Don’t know anything about 2016  version of her did not played the game that time.2017 is what I have seen so far and played a lot with and yes her winning ratio was still better but now I can’t even call a Griffin and a Catapult with her.

My only solution ths problem for now us not use Her on raids and definitely not on wars.

My last war was a complete disaster.I made a grave mistake of using New version of Athena in war and it was terrible mistake that I won’t repeat again.

For me She is now some ancient relic whom I would not use ever again.

(P.S. @vasudeva1 is it true that her morale bar is now the shortest in the enitre game as compared to other Heroes?)


I haven’t taken her to war since she was nerfed a year ago. She was my best hero before then. I did some raids with her this weekend and she’s better now than at any point since the big nerf. However, if you could completely level the playing field and correct for the equipment you have, I’d say she’s currently the 9th best hero, maybe 10th depending on how much you like Achilles. I’d put her ahead of Achilles, Ajax, and Prometheus, and that’s it. (Not counting Zeus/hades)

its not a knock on the devs, but they don’t live in the game as much as some of the players who post here. Which makes sense. My job isn’t also my hobby. When I’m done with work I think about other things. They do the same. But it means they’re sometimes a step behind the players on the state of the game. Right now, in the May 2018 version of OR, same-level defenses offer no challenge. So if you’re paired with the players you’re supposed to be paired with, you can race through the map as fast as possible until, sometimes, you hit a gatekeeper who is very beefy. Leadership is one of the most important attributes in those situations. By boosting attack damage and nerfing leadership, the devs made Athena a very viable hero for where the game was 6 months ago. That’s not where the game is today.

but obviously, she’s better than she was before the damage boost. They really ruined her, and she’s better now.