Hero Costume & Weapons let's see something new !

It’s all the same, diff. color, diff. name. How about a spear or staff, a chain and spiked ball, maybe a shield that can be used as a weapon,or a shield and dagger. Now the costume, mostly the head gear, let’s get some Spartan helmets armored face guards. Let’s brainstorm this, it all about the experience. Variety !

James the anointed, general of [DARK KNIGHTS]



I see this as I do landscape. I love it, but other will not care. I think  that you  should be able to change the appearance of the hero equipment. Have costumes  like Roman soldiers or Spartan  warrior for a low gem cost. Maybe have some for 20 to 50 gems for a set of each.

i like this idea and the gem part no we should use gold