Hero damage/health.

Hi, have you quietly reduced the hero’s resistance or increased the damage being caused?

For months now my 3 war hero’s have merrily punched through all defences with hardly a scratch, suddenly this war all are dying very easily. 

Please don’t say it’s war Blessings as a few sirens/Medusa and barriers aren’t enough to cause it and it’s happening when the hero is in the range of towers, not units.

I’m no noobie, sitting(deliberately) just below LV131 and my kit is all 80-90k value with many uniques.

I’ve asked others and some are reporting the same.

I don’t mind, but it would be nice to know you’ve done something.


I don’t notice heroes dying easier. Are you using gear you made with the new forging system?

I think the war blessings make a pretty significant difference though. Barricades and bombs kill a lot of the little troops that might have protected your hero before. I don’t think defenses are overwhelmingly difficult, but the blessings make the matches take 20-30 seconds longer on average. Also, with the gold prizes for wars teams may be using more standard blessings than before  

Also, a lot of players might not have tinkered with their defense much over the past couple of months because we didn’t have war blessings, but defenses might be a little more optimized this week 

just a thought. 

I think it’s related to the skulls difficulty, 1 skull island does minor damage, 4/5 skulls do a higher damage, towers etc I mean

In war? I don’t think that’s true at all. 

I noticed smth like that, facing same opponent but on higher skulls (4), my hero seemed more vulnerable to those damages.

It might have just seemed that way to you. Or you might have used the wrong equipment number by accident. I’ve done that before.  The only difference between skulls is the amount of vp needed to win. 

I know that VP is the key but somehow the entire def. get buffed with the skulls numbers, the more it has, tougher the opponent is. @CaptainMorgan can confirm this.

I too have had this peculiar feelings… At times, when fighting the same person from 1 skull to 2 skull, it would seem there is a small increase in their tower defense… I’d say like 7-12%. Same goes for 3 or 4 skull islands… and also in normal map attacks, when you’ve NOT equipped the hero for certain type damage(Like: Ice damage), the health reduces more when he is attacked by ice towers, when compared to pre-upgrade… @CaptainMorgan Can you please tell us, has the stats for this has been changed or is it due to the war blessings? The blessed prometheus tower suddenly seems to be so powerful… 

To be clear, it’s my old kit, the same hero’s using the same tactics etc, for months I’ve not died, suddenly I had to change tactics or add resistance gear otherwise I risked dying 3 times almost every fight with all the hero’s, it wasn’t war Blessings as they were dying mostly in the range of towers, not sure to sirens, Medusa or promo towers. 

Others in my team noticed it once I flagged it to.

Did you change masteries?

and again, all those blessings add up. Even if they’re not killing you directly or wiping  out your entire army, they’re chipping away at your army so you don’t have as much of a meatshield around you as before. You’re much more likely to take an Apollo blast or get the phys and ice damage from orthia (instead of just the ice).