Hero deaths in battle log

Hi all,

I think one of the coolest (and interesting, I might add) features in the game is to actually see where opponents died on your path, using the battle log.

I am sure we all click on that button several times a day (provided your defence does not resemble a Swiss cheese of course).

A lot of attackers though don’t break the gate because of lack of time.

Would it be possible to add a third color marker (besides the green and black ones), to visualise where their raid/siege has ended without a gruesome violent death?

Thank you for your consideration


In the same vein, it would be awesome to be able to click on a single attack in the battle log and see the heat map for just that attack.

@Madlen or may be if a short video of the attack on our defense can be viewed by defender(Duration can be for 24hours)… post that the video can be pulled down… This would really help bigtime in planning the defense…

That was something we asked for a LONG time ago, back before you even got a log of who attacked you. The response had something to do with bankruptcy and servers catching fire. I’m not sure if it’s any more possible now. 

On top of that, I would like to see who is AP 100% , how much time left for win, and how much % of the wall & GK is done. Because we can see 45% - 50% and 95% and they can have huge differences or very small.

Clicking on a single attack, and seeing isolated the info + what dumpster said + where the hero lost due to time (can be a red flame instead of green/black) + some info on GK and Wall, time left and AP or not (or % of how much). The isolated path can also show which towers were left behind on a 91% completion.

That will give the path a greater meaning… is it dead easy or is everyone ignoring my GK? Maybe they get 100% but only 3 seconds left. Then you can play around and matter…

Now the only data we have is gems and fails… which can be because some is too bad attacjer or just wants to spend to make it easy…