Hero defending question

In the Beginner Guide section, this was stated.

My question is, how does hero level affect my island defense? AFAIK, heroes don’t actually defend the island, it is done through the structures/buildings. So hero level acts as a stats modifier to the structures?

This happened to me too however nobody attacked my islands.  And I attempted to attack an island guarded by a Hero and it wouldn’t let me?  So I’m not sure why all my heros returned to home island either.  Kind of stinks because I don’t have enough food to move my heros back. 

Hello athlonaces and Goonie,

The Hero level does not affect the strength of your defense. Placing a Hero on an island simply makes it less likely that the island will be lost to a hostile player. In order to lose a Defended island, your defense must be beaten a certain number of times. However, Undefended islands can be lost without anyone beating your defense.

When you have been beaten a certain number of times, a Hero will be beaten back to Mount Olympus. The Hero which is sent back is chosen randomly, but higher level Heroes are a little less likely to be sent back.

Nice! That’s really informative and helpful. Thank you!