Hero disappears from game map

I just started a new account for fun. However, I noticed that after being attacked enough to move a hero off an island, my hero disappears from the map completely, instead of being moved to a nearby island. It just so happens it is always Prometheus in my case but perhaps that is just coincidence. Don’t know where he ends up…it doesn’t seem to be on the centre island (and definitely not appearing there either), so not sure what the story is.

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Do you have enough islands open? Maybe it’s just the beginning.

I thought the same too but after checking I definitely have islands open.

Some messaging needs to change also regarding the first war preparation…it still says your heroes will be removed from your map, which of course was changed recently.

@CaptainMorgan can you please have a look at this? While I can figure out what happened to my heroes, it’s still a very annoying issue. I can only imagine a new player having to deal with this. They are probably losing heroes on the map and have no idea what happened to them. Can’t say it’s very helpful in attracting or keeping new people!

I’ve passed this on to our QA, hopefully we will find the cause and fix it as soon as possible. Thanks for bringing it to us.

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