Hero Display Bug

Don’t know whether it has been reported.
Hero Suddenly disappeared from the battle.

This one happened some days before. I thought it won’t cause much problem.

IGN - BoundingLeaf285
OS - Windows
Video Card- AMD Radeon Graphics
Device - HP Laptop(4GB ram, i3, 2GB discrete graphics)
Game Version - 5.1

Oh! Well, that’s interesting. Maybe he has an invisibility-outfit now :open_mouth:
No kidding, asides, thanks for reporting. We will look into it. Thank you!

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As of today’s maintenance my king and equipment have turned invisible aswell.

Can only see the King’s shade.

Can you please provide your system details as well and your in-game name?

Windows 10 - MrNumnut.

Just logged in on Android aswell and it works fine there, also events not showing up at the top of windows 10, just noticed them on Android.

*Edit: Game just froze on windows, had to taskmanager to shut it down, king and equipment restored.

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It happened before with me even. The king was missing for some minutes. Even, in the battle it was missing.
Then, I thought, it is a single player bug. So, I tried to see other’s accounts. That’s incredible, their king was missing too.
I didnt do a battle with it, so I dont know, whether it was missing their too.

It was corrected in a few minutes.

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I have seen this even before the latest update to 5.1.0 (just so it is clear this is not related to the upgrade). From what i have seen this seems like a server side issue. It used to happen around midnight IST (UTC+5.5) and lasts for like 30mins to an hour. It completely stopped happening for sometime and now it is back again but at a different time. I usually avoid connecting at that time or just play since i can still see my mouse pointer.

Note that for me the hero is not completely invisible but i see some strange lines (like it is having difficulties loading the image); Sry i don’t have a screenshot. At the same time all items are invisible as well ie., when i click say a gear the image of the gear won’t load but i can see all the stats and can even upgrade.

So this seems like connectivity to a “image” server of some sort.

my two cents


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Managed to capture this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ta6QzM9XOFo&feature=youtu.be

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Once again king became invisible. This time i was able to capture him. A tower explosion or barricade explosion made him invisible.


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I still getting this bug.This time at the beginning of the game. Meanwhile when i check into my avatar section(A,B,C,D) there also he is not displayed. Just inspired by this bug can a tower or with some runes on the tower,obstacle can the hero and his troops can be made invisible for 5 or 10 secs in defence.

Hi there,
Yes unfortunately we have not found the cause of this bug yet.
It happens very randomly and therefore is hard to pinpoint. We appreciate any additional input by players, when the bug occurred.

Altough for me it is not happening anymore after login out of the game and back in 1hr later… I will reply here with a similar problem I posted when I opened a new topic.
I don’t understand how to link one topic to another, or even if that is possible, or if people would see the images/gifs I originally posted… so here goes:

"Whenever I go to my throne room the first screen that opens is the king stats tab where you can see his outfits and gear.

However in this screen and in all screens that you like the “i” to see a players “display card” (where his stats are shown) be that player from my alliance or not, the king is not appearing.

In his/her place a bunch of crazy lines appear raining down like mad, like they are being sucked into an invisible black hole.
The same crazy lines also take place during raiding, I can not see my king just a bunch of lines.

When closing and opening the game again it did not go away. Will give it a few minutes and login again to check."




As I said, to me it is not happening anymore… But I also think that it is relevant because on Madlen response to my original topic she mentioned something about it affecting mostly Android users and/or on Samsung devices…
However to me it happened while playing on a Windows 10 laptop (Lenovo Ideapad 310).

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The last two times this happened to me, a couple of days ago (using Windows 10 PC), the “One time offer” purple icon was showing when I opened the game. It could have been coincidence, but both times when that icon was showing upon opening the game the graphics for items and the king were scattered as shown above. It did not happen when gem sale notification came on today.