Hello Devs I believe what is very bad is to lose 4-5 heroes from the islands when they win us is absurd I have all my heroes in the islands and I wake up with 4 heros in the Olympus believe that you have to change it there is a problem with gold with this becomes bigger this problem

Level up your heroes or buy defense fleets. 

Troller, my heros is lvl 20 all

how many times a day do you get attacked?

the day I get many more and many attacks, I get from the islands about 5 to 6 times a day a hero and I wake up early morning I see 4-5 in the Olympus this is fail

It’s not a matter of hero level, but of base difficulty. Probably your base is not strong enough and you are missing war blessings. People prefer to attack bases with less/no blessings. Upgrade your towers and troops.

Spooky the defense need very time but ok…i understand

Yeps, the only occasion on which my heroes are sent back to Acrapolis (spelling is intended) is when I am overshooting the ceiling for my lvl to def ratio. So level up or level ur def. Worst case scenario - pay for the def fleet

Thx for support;p

Hi Dumpster!

I am too facing the similar issue that MrCouper is facing,in every two hours I am being invaded at-least 20 times by other players and too add  to insult they are at least 10-15 Level higher than me.They are getting 25 trophies from me.My progress has come to a halt for the last one month.My defense are unable to protect against 100+ ascension level players.This is unfair I Am working so hard to collect trophies ,every day visiting at least 40-50 islands while other players with lower amount of trophies but with way higher ascension level than me are being awarded with 25 trophies for beating my weak defenses as compared to their ascension level.I am feeling completely helpless by this stupid rule.Could you please tell me whom I can talk about this issue here.

I have proposed a new trophy deduction mechanism within my “fix” list, so you can + on that there. The general rule for bringing ideas would involve pinging CaptainMorgan and just mentioning it somewhere in Suggestions thread. Devs read most if not all of the suggestions and act fast should the community express extensive interest

I disagree for this but ok

I agree for this, the trophies system is supposed to change if not the difference that a player can be weighing should be 10+ 10- lvls, 10+ lvls low trophs get 15trophs not 25 and

@CaptainMorgan please read this guote and change war system We all do our defense and we have strong defenses for the level we are in and it’s too much the other player who does not play almost totally and gets 25trophs because he’s 15lvl up

And I think he would like it all, and they will agree!!!


Mind elaborating what exactly do you disagree with? It is essentially this very same idea of not allowing stronger players to get 25 trophies from you. I do want constructive criticism to make the list better

118,120(3k-4k trophies) hit players 105(7500trophs) and get 25trophs , 100lvl players2k 3k trophs hit 90lvl players (6k trophs) get 25, i suggest the same lvl get 25trophies and higher lvls (hit low) get 15

Sure, what exactly is different in my system then? The offensive rating of lvl 100 attacking lvl 90 would account for lower trophies (can be 15 or around that) and if lvl 100 happens to be offensively matching lvl 90 (crap units, no odyssey, no buffs), winning by strategy alone, then 25 is a fare game, for that 100 is a worse player. He would then be rewarded for utilizing strategy or gems, which I can certainly relate to. I like the idea of rewarding weaker players defeating stronger ones, I just dislike it being based on the trophy system and want to bring some precision to it.


P.S. Sorry for getting rather off topic, I am just interested in refinement of this crucial idea.