Hero got kicked from island after winning it

I won a fight then. I left the screen, another pop up came up saying island under attack or something. Hero got sent back to base instead of conquering the island. Is this supposed to happen?

Here it was again. Is this another new feature?

Hello BloodRain, 

We are sorry to hear about your issue. 

Could you please let us know if you owned all the islands when this occurred? 

Thanks in advance! 

This is new. I just conquered the island by defeating the opponent occupying it. After the battle reward screen I see that above, with a new opponent on the island I just attacked and hero gets sent to town.

not an issue just something new…

Hey BloodRain,

We might need to know if you already owned all the islands before this issue occurred so we can look into it. :grinning:

No there are several people I try avoid attacking. Both times I had at least 3 other islands occupied by enemy’s.

Hey BloodRain,

Thanks a lot for the information.

This is the coincidence that the island you just conquered is the one which got rerolled. This is nonetheless a bug which is going to be fixed in one of the next updates. :slight_smile:


i got same, atacked, and have been sent home to mount olympus. and again for traveling must use ambrosia…?