Hero Items mark level & Lock choose troop in auto fight

Hi All:  i love this game !!

give my personal suggestion of improve game experience.


 Hero items

as a new player I already feel I still have years to play, that means my item level increasing very soon (I played 2 months, now is level 80)

during this fast speed of level up, my hero items level also increase a lot, however, I couldn’t recognize which item is better,

unless I upgrade green item to golden or even red rank. it’s too hard to compare which item has higher level.

Suggestion: add item level in item description, so I can easily find some green item rank is high and more worth upgrade than golden or even red rank.


Auto fight 

sometimes I need more Griffen, sometimes I need more cyclops, but in auto fight I couldn’t choose unless convert to manual fight many times.

Suggestion:  add function of double click to lock a certain troop,  so I can get more certain troops in auto fight and able change it anytime.


@Madlen This is really good idea. Please look into the possibility of implementing this. Will help Caddy a lot… Please ask the devs, the units are locked on the fly…