Hero keeps getting sent back home

Hey I lost an island without being attack means my all heroes comes to home …and the island on which they are at previous is nt attacked or taken by any else it jst left why and why ? If I lose also on defending then also I think one hero with island MST be attacked by someone whom I can’t defend isn’t it ? Plz make a reply

My all heroes comes back to Olympus why ?



A Hero will be sent back to Mount Olympus after you lost a certain amount of defensive fights, however it does not mean that the island protected by this Hero is under attack.

If an enemy appears on one of your islands, it does not mean this enemy attacked you/defeated you. There is an automatic reroll and placement of the enemies on your islands so you have people to fight. Similarly, you will be placed on other people’s islands so they can fight against you, even if all your islands are unprotected.


When your Heroes aren’t maxed out yet, you can intentionally keep one or two of them in lower level so they can be sent back to Mt Olympus to optimize the resources. But when all of them are maxed out, what can you do? Is there a way to trick the system? By purposely unequipping trinkets from the targeted Hero or equipping him/her with Green Items only? Of course Artemis could do that job but it will take some time to unlock her.

How does that optimize resources?

Mine aren’t all maxed out yet, but… does it favor the same hero when they are?  Or is it completely random when all maxed?  If it’s like you say, by stats, then you should already be seeing the same hero being favored as the traveller.  Unless your stats are really that close, which I know mine aren’t!  If you have a frequent traveler, just put him on what you care least about.

By keeping least traveling heroes on highest gold, as an example.  So he holds it safe and the one that gets sent back sits on a less valuable island.

when all your heroes are levelled, though, you can just put them on the island you want and they don’t return. I don’t get it.

Unless you remain undefeated, you’ll eventually get a loss and they stand a chance of returning with the loss.

I don’t get attacked, so I guess I don’t know. Is this a big problem?

Basically, you fight a tough opponent to claim a high resource island.  Then you go away from the game and come back to find your hero back home with another tough opponent on the island.  He’s just trying to force a sacrificial hero to choose which island he fights for to reclaim, and therefore, which islands stay safe.  I have a hero sent back about once per day.  It used to be much worse.  Scary looking defenses seem to protect your islands too!  Hahaha

Ok, I guess that makes sense.

Thanks @RyanPlegics for answering for me. I would give the exact same answers.  :grinning:

It’s very economic to sacrifice one or two Heroes so you won’t be running out of resources.

I tested with one Hero with Green Items. When fully equipped with those items, there’s no effect as a random Hero is sent back to Mt Olympus. But keeping them in the Item Slots seems to work as he/she is the chosen one to be sent back!

Need clarification/assistance please - I have recently started playing this game more - ie used to log  in once or twice but now found myself logging in almost 4x/day.

i thought that by defeating whoever held the resource island you’ll get to hold and use the island for resources until you get attacked  by a stronger player and they get to hold the island unless I defeat them to get the islands back… Nowadays however I’ve been  using up ambrosia that (I’m trying to save)teleporting heroes back to the islands I left them on

is there a way to keep the heroes on the islands? It’s getting frustrating using up ambrosia that I want to attack other players with 

I agree with this why send olympus hero?lol

It’s all about Ambrosia management.  It costs 840 to be able to use all resurrections in battle (120 + 240 + 480 = 840) so you shouldn’t let it drop much lower than this anyway or you’re risking a loss that could have been prevented otherwise.  And 840 should be able to get a hero from Mt. Olympus to any island you need also.  It’s obviously easier to manage high amounts of Ambrosia at higher levels, but there is still a middle ground to be found at lower levels that allows some fighting and some hero movement.

The way this works is after a certain amount of defeats a random hero is sent back to mt Olympus. Since your islands are not attacked directly at any time, this has nothing to do with those. You will randomly end up on someones map on whichever island (there are tendencies, but this is out of scope now), they fight you and if you loose, your hero may be sent back from anywhere. Lower level heroes are prioritized, so the only viable option now is to have a “sacrificial” hero who has a low level and is kept close to base. This goes with the usual advise of having good enough def to resist most of your opponents, as the problem only exists for those who are above their lvl mean trophy count or arent too good (Downright bad) in terms of def.

Thanks for the response @Infamousand @RyanPlegics, much appreciated ?

@valor5 use defence feet to secure the island … I hardly cost 15 gems to secure one island for 24 hrs