Hero lvl 71

  • IGN:  King ZeroStars
  • Language: English
    Hero level:  71 Alliance Tower’s level:  250k Availability : Extremely active _   _ What type of Elite Boosts are you looking for _: Doesn’t matter_Just started, need a group I can learn from. One that has a decent gold bonus so, I can keep building. Getting my Farms up for the next war season!Thank you!


You can join us “Allegiant”. We want active members for wars :slight_smile:

You can join Little HUNS alliance. We have knights, archers boost active permanently. We have a decent gold bonus as well and a competitive team and we like to win wars :slight_smile:

hey  King ZeroStars  this is #vsbw u can join in Genie & master. one of the best friendly alliance in RR2 . we play for fun…hope you would be there…

Kings Cour1, we have what you need :slight_smile: