Hero on island with fleet sent back to olympus?!?!

So I have put a fleet on one of my islands with a hero on and I just noticed he had been sent back to olympus from that island… what’s the purpose of using fleets then?  

I thought it was to secure resource flow from the island but if heroes can get sent back then you don’t really get much resources at all

Fleets are to protect a specific island from being attacked/conquered.

After a number of silent defeats (increasing likelihood per consecutive defeat or after X number of losses, I’m not sure) of other unprotected islands, a random character will be returned to Olympus, usually the lowest leveled one, but not always. It does not seem to matter if the unlucky hero is on a protected island or not.

The ships protect the island, not the hero.

Also, it is not a good idea to protect all islands, for others reading.

Also, island protection should be cheaper and maybe last longer (at least that horrid gold shield idea is dead), for devs reading.

Also, ambrosia costs should be free to unoccupied islands. Or at least protected ones. Or Mt. Olympus (why would gods need ambrosia to go home).

Then it’s completely useless. 

The only purpose of fleeting is to ensure a constant resource flow, which is only achieved by having your hero on that island.

If someone takes it you just take it back anyway… its for the resources you should fleet up. 

It’s not useless. Put higher level hero on protected islands to minimize the chance that your protected islands will be vacated on failed defense.

Also, if someone on a protected island is summoned back to Olympus, at least the island will remain empty as opposed to being possessed by a person that is difficult to defeat.

Agreed though, I think it should be patched that a hero on a protected island should not be sent back.

It is indeed useless.

Instead of spending the gems on activating fleet I could just take it back using those gems on invocations instead (assuming the target was hard) .  That would give me the raid reward and chamber chests + xp.  

As opposed to basicly nothing from a hero who gets sent back to olympus 


I don’t use invocations at all, so I couldn’t say if it would be more efficient to protect an island and move back in the rare occasion a hero is summoned home or to take back an island using invocations if necessary.

Regardless, the system is as it is, and for those less invocation prone, it’s a pretty good deal, except for the fact I believe it’s too expensive for eight hours of protection.

I stand in agreement, however, that FG should prevent heroes on protected islands from being summoned home; I remain unconvinced that it is useless in its current iteration, my thoughts on its relative value, notwithstanding.

That’s not my point.

I’m saying that if adding a fleet only secures the island and not the hero on it then better save those gems you would spend on a fleet to take th island back using invocations if needed.

I agree that the way island protection works now is not beneficial in every use case and should be updated to prevent a sitting hero from being summoned back to Olympus. I agree with that. 

However, as things are right now gem protection simply is not “worthless,” as suggested. That is the word, that is the concept, that is the notion that I disagree with. Even the ship deployment screen says that one is in fact “hir[ing] a defense fleet to protect your island’s resources” and makes no mention of the heroes thereon; the player should take this into consideration when deciding whether or not to spend the required gems to deploy.

The fact is that the system behaves as is currently described by the payment screen. And for people that do not want to spend any gems on invocations (I keep mine for Hephaestus), six gems to protect and island and keep it open is a relatively good deal (I think gem protect should be a flat, low cost) -if- the player remembers to leave a higher level hero on it (remember, it is the lower level characters which are usually summoned home). I typically do not gem protect islands with my lowest level characters, and gem protecting all hero islands really adds up, so I only protect the few islands whose resources matter the most to me and on those, I put my highest level characters.

tl;dr: the state gem protection is far from ideal and FG really, really should update it, but the case simply cannot be made that using it is worthless in all cases.